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.global loader # making entry point visible to linker
# setting up the Multiboot header - see GRUB docs for details
.set ALIGN, 1<<0 # align loaded modules on page boundaries
.set MEMINFO, 1<<1 # provide memory map
.set FLAGS, ALIGN | MEMINFO # this is the Multiboot 'flag' field
.set MAGIC, 0x1BADB002 # 'magic number' lets bootloader find the header
.set CHECKSUM, -(MAGIC + FLAGS) # checksum required
.align 4
.long MAGIC
.long FLAGS
# reserve initial kernel stack space
.set STACKSIZE, 0x4000 # that is, 16k.
.comm stack, STACKSIZE, 32 # reserve 16k stack on a quadword boundary
mov $(stack + STACKSIZE), %esp # set up the stack
push %eax # Multiboot magic number
push %ebx # Multiboot data structure
call kmain # call kernel proper
hlt # halt machine should kernel return
jmp hang
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