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README for tum-manpages

I'll write that in FAQ format, since I am really to lazy to write proper sections so you either grep through the file or read it completely.

How to use it?

You have to use GNU Make, to build it:


There you go, it creates all manpages. You can copy them whereever you want, even install it system-wide. No, I don't have a make install target.

To read the pages write

man -M . <manpagename>

-M . adds the local directory to the search path. Lo and behold, it works on man-db (Debian, Arch, Ubuntu, what-have-you) and traditional man (Gentoo standard).

Why isn't there an installation option?

Because you haven't written it. Why haven't you sent me a patch yet?

Who wrote all this shit?

Use git to find out:

git shortlog -s | cut -c8-

Why are all pages in category 6?

Six is for games and I like games.

Why does it need Git for building?

Because I wanted it to. Git integrates nicely into the build system by providing versioning and metainformation.

Why the heck do you use M4?

Because you have it installed. Oh, not if you are using Windows, BSD or Mac OS X but I couldn't care less. Get a decent userland.

Oh, and writing manpages without a macroprocessor is even more shitty than to use the downright retarded syntax of M4.

What is the license?

I don't care that much, but I'm a GNU freedom-nazi, so probably something along these lines. Not that I care whether you obey the license or not.