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clarify option precedence

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1 parent ef6495d commit 703ff54445c0efbe643b6310ad451b5ee2731ec7 @xdg xdg committed Apr 29, 2010
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@@ -82,12 +82,19 @@ A list of actions that *must* be supported follows:
(blah blah configuration blah blah)
-Precedence of configuration:
+During execution of Build.PL or Build, options should have the following
+precedence (from high to low):
* {@ARGV}
-* cached configuration from Build.PL
-* configuration file
+* configuration file -- action-specific options
+* cached configuration from Build.PL (only when running Build)
+* configuration file -- wildcard (*)
+Conceptually, options should be split on white space and then spliced
+together, with higher-precedence options following lower-precedence
+options. Options should then be processed "in order".
== Command Line Options

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