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package Devel::FindPerl;
use strict;
use warnings;
use Exporter 5.57 'import';
our @EXPORT_OK = qw/find_perl_interpreter/;
use Capture::Tiny 'capture';
use Cwd;
use ExtUtils::Config;
use File::Spec;
sub find_perl_interpreter {
my $config = shift || ExtUtils::Config->new;
my $perl = $^X;
return VMS::Filespec::vmsify($perl) if $^O eq 'VMS';
my $perl_basename = File::Basename::basename($perl);
my @potential_perls;
# Try 1, Check $^X for absolute path
push @potential_perls, $perl if File::Spec->file_name_is_absolute($perl);
# Try 2, Check $^X for a valid relative path
my $abs_perl = File::Spec->rel2abs($perl);
push @potential_perls, $abs_perl;
# Try 3, Last ditch effort: These two option use hackery to try to locate
# a suitable perl. The hack varies depending on whether we are running
# from an installed perl or an uninstalled perl in the perl source dist.
if ($ENV{PERL_CORE}) {
# Try 3.A, If we are in a perl source tree, running an uninstalled
# perl, we can keep moving up the directory tree until we find our
# binary. We wouldn't do this under any other circumstances.
# CBuilder is also in the core, so it should be available here
require ExtUtils::CBuilder;
my $perl_src = Cwd::realpath(ExtUtils::CBuilder->perl_src);
if (defined($perl_src) && length($perl_src)) {
my $uninstperl = File::Spec->rel2abs(File::Spec->catfile($perl_src, $perl_basename));
push @potential_perls, $uninstperl;
else {
# Try 3.B, First look in $Config{perlpath}, then search the user's
# PATH. We do not want to do either if we are running from an
# uninstalled perl in a perl source tree.
push @potential_perls, $config->get('perlpath');
push @potential_perls, map { File::Spec->catfile($_, $perl_basename) } File::Spec->path();
# Now that we've enumerated the potential perls, it's time to test
# them to see if any of them match our configuration, returning the
# absolute path of the first successful match.
my $exe = $config->get('exe_ext');
foreach my $thisperl (@potential_perls) {
$thisperl .= $exe if length $exe and $thisperl !~ m/$exe$/i;
return $thisperl if -f $thisperl && _perl_is_same($thisperl);
# We've tried all alternatives, and didn't find a perl that matches
# our configuration. Throw an exception, and list alternatives we tried.
my @paths = map File::Basename::dirname($_), @potential_perls;
die "Can't locate the perl binary used to run this script in (@paths)\n";
sub _perl_is_same {
my $perl = shift;
my @cmd = ($perl);
# When run from the perl core, @INC will include the directories
# where perl is yet to be installed. We need to reference the
# absolute path within the source distribution where it can find
# it's This also prevents us from picking up a
# from a different configuration that happens to be already
# installed in @INC.
if ($ENV{PERL_CORE}) {
push @cmd, '-I' . File::Spec->catdir(File::Basename::dirname($perl), 'lib');
push @cmd, qw(-MConfig=myconfig -e print -e myconfig);
return capture { system @cmd } eq Config->myconfig;
#ABSTRACT: Find the path to your perl
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