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Revision history for File-Map
0.27 2010-04-25
Allow crlf as a binary layer for now, until a proper check has been developed
0.26 2010-04-20
Fixed RT#56644 (mmap turning ref into map)
Fixed RT#56645 (mmap on hash or array entry)
Fixed RT#56649 (negative offset segv)
Made offset an UV, eleviating RT#56646 a little
0.25 2010-04-15
Fixed regression in unit tests on Windows
Minor documentation fixes
0.24 2010-04-12
*Removed almost all prototypes*
Made code C89 compliant to support MS VC++ (Jan Dubois)
Throw an exception if non-binary PerlIO layers are used.
Documentation updates
Added tests for unicode
Possibly fix a warning on readonly variables
0.23 2010-02-14
Blocked remap from remapping when a variable is shared among threads
Disabled madvise on cygwin
Fixed a compilation issue wrt VirtualProtect on Win32
Made PROT_NONE test more portable
0.22 2010-01-29
Made the protect unit tests portable to BSD
Fixed a portability issue with Win32
0.21 2010-01-09
Added protect()
Made mapping empty files writably more user-friendly
0.20 2009-12-18
Added support for pseudo-mapping empty files
Hopefully made File::Map Cygwin compatible
0.19 2009-11-08
Handle reference assignment properly
Fixed bug in unthreaded builds
0.18 2009-10-25
Fixed previous bug further
0.17 2009-10-25
Fixed bug in direct assignment of numbers
Demoted incorrect advice exception to a warning
Rewrote constant declarations
0.16 2009-06-17
Fixed compilation bug in die_sys
Returned to passthrough Makefile, traditional is too broken
0.15 2009-06-10
Made all functions return void
Replaced a magical value with a variable
Made error handling more robust
Made the compatibility Makefile 'traditional'
0.14 2009-04-12
Module rename from Sys-Mmap-Simple to File-Map
Major API break on locking functions
0.13 2009-02-14
API break: renamed conditional functions, lowercased export tags
0.12 2009-02-06
Documentation updates
0.11 2009-02-04
Fixed 2 Bohr bugs in unit tests
0.10 2009-01-30
Added sys_map, for advanced functionality.
Fixed regression on Windows
0.09 2009-01-28
Added offset support
Fixed memory leak when throwing an exception on Windows
Added unit tests for failures
0.08 2009-01-21
Hopefully fixed false negatives in t/20-threads
Added license information to all source files
0.07 2009-01-15
API break: Changed last argument of map_handle and map_file from boolean to mode
Added second argument to sync for synchronous or asynchronous flushing.
Fixed bug that led to linking error on some platforms on older perl versions
Refactored derefing
Improved documentation markup
0.06 2009-01-12
Made tests work with older versions of threads.
Added documentation
0.05 2009-01-09
Fixed previous fix
0.04 2009-01-09
Fixed windows support
0.03_5 2009-01-08
Fixed race conditions
Increased portability
0.03_4 2009-01-07
Fixed testing
0.03_3 2009-01-07
Added remap on Linux
Added Windows support
0.03_2 2009-01-06
Improved portability
Addition of condition variable functionality
Documentation updates
0.03_1 2008-12-21
Improved portability
0.02 2008-12-20
Added locked
Improved diagnostics.
Fixed documentation.
0.01 2008-12-19
First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
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