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compilation failed in vc++2010 scaler.h #9

anandrathi opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I created a new MSVC project added all your files.
After adding few undefs in internel.h
I am getting compilation errors related to perl::implementation::array::Temp
The issue is with compiler it mixes up typename with declaration

1>e:\ani\leont-libperl---7a91ac7\perl++\scalar.h(389): error C2027: use of undefined type 'perl::implementation::array::Temp'
1> e:\ani\leont-libperl---7a91ac7\perl++\scalar.h(198) : see declaration of 'perl::implementation::array::Temp'


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I don't think I can support building it that way currently. Building libperl++ requires a rather specific setup, and including all of that in a MSVC project may not be trivial. In theory it could be a better way that what I'm doing now, but that would require some serious work. Given that I currently don't have access to MSVC and that I'm not an expert on it either, I wouldn't count on it happening soon unless you do it yourself.

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