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I have exposed and documented rudimentary TODO support. This involved a few minor bug fixes and adding some documentation. The most visible changes are that

  1. The TODO variable is now accessible to all
  2. There is a new function TAP::details::failed_test_msg() that is used by the is and isnt routines to modify their output depending on whether the test is TODO or not
  3. details::error now goes to cout by default rather than cerr
  4. TODO tests are not counted as failing in the exit status value.
  5. I added documentation for the TODO variable to libtap++.pod

The TODO support is rudimentary: it doesn't handle exceptions or multiple threads running different tests, but it may be all that is really needed. When a function throws an exception you weren't expecting, the test will crash - and you'll find out about the exception just as well as you would if it were caught and you were notified directly of an unexpected exception. Further 99.9% of users don't need two different tests in the same process but different threads.

RadixSeven added some commits May 4, 2011
@RadixSeven RadixSeven Enabled basic todo functionality.
1. Made the variable TAP::TODO visible by adding an extern declaration to the header file

2. Removed unused variable TAP::todo (I guessed it was a typo)

3. Added a new function is_todo_test() to report whether the current
test is a TODO test

4. Made it so that TODO tests are not counted in the number of not_ok tests - this makes the exit status work correctly.

5. Made diagnostic messages by default go to std::cout.  This is the
default in Perl.  (Try an is or an isnt and you'll see that the
message goes to stdout).  I did this by setting TAP::details.error to
@RadixSeven RadixSeven Made diagnostic messages from is and isnt mention whether this is a t…
…odo test

The Perl diagnostics have language like "Failed (TODO) test" when
failing a todo test.  I added this to libtap++.

To add it, I had to make the TODO status visible to the is and isnt
methods, which are defined in the header file.  I thought that
TAP::details was the best place to put the interface function -- out
of the way of most users, but still where is and isnt can see it.
@RadixSeven RadixSeven Documented the use of the global TODO variable in the pod file. 250c201
@RadixSeven RadixSeven Described the use of TODO a little better and added a comma. 6c6c23d
@RadixSeven RadixSeven Fixed wrong number of tests in the documentation synopsis. 43a98b8
@RadixSeven RadixSeven Merge branch 'master' into fix_TODO_support 9edb541
@RadixSeven RadixSeven Added #define guards in the tap++ header to prevent accidental multip…
…le inclusion.

Since I sent the request, I made one more change. tap++.h had no mechanism for preventing multiple inclusion. I added #defines to do this.

@Leont Leont merged commit 05611f6 into Leont:master May 5, 2011
Leont commented May 5, 2011

Thanks, I pulled it all. One correction though: C++ doesn't have a finally block. There's a todo_guard class that uses RAII around TODO exactly for this purpose. I've added some documentation for this.

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