A TAP harness for perl6



This is an asynchronous TAP framework writen in Perl 6


This module runs TAP test files and parses them asynchronously.


This module uses Proc::Async to run your tests, however as for writing (September 2014) there are issues in correctly capturing from multiple processes at the same time in Rakudo, running more than one test file using this framework is not recommended until these issues are resolved.

How to use

bin/prove6 is the easiest way to use it. It's fairly basic but similar enough to p5's prove, e.g.

prove6 -l t/basic.t


These features are currently not implemented but are considered desirable:

  • Rule based parallel scheduling
  • SourceHandlers other than ::Perl6
  • Various prove arguments

TAP outputting

This distribution also offers TAP outputting modules. Test::More is the end-user visible part of this.