C# FixFormat for Visual Studio Code (sort usings, reformat with spaces, braces, parenthesis).
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CSharpFixFormat for Visual Studio Code

This extension helps to format C# code. When OmniSharp will support all features - will be deprecated.

C#5 / C#6 / C#7 support limited and some features not implemented, because main goal of this extension - formatting C#3.5 / C#4 sources of UnityEngine projects on MacOS, nothing more.

If you need full format support of last C# version - better to write issue about proper formatting at Omnisharp extension repo.


This extension not dependent on any 3dparty extensions (even omnisharp) and works as standalone formatting solution for current C#-file.


All features available through standard "format document" hotkey after opening C# file.

  • Sort usings in alphabetical order. Doubles will be removed automatically.
  • Fix indent size for all lines (omnisharp still cant do it for wrapped lines).
  • Cleanup empty lines with allowed limit in row.

Extension provides formatting in batch mode through folder context menu at explorer window.

Extension Settings

  • csharpfixformat.sort.usings.enabled: Should usings be sorted or not. True by default.
  • sort.usings.order: Put namespaces in proper order. Values should be splitted with space. "System" by default.
  • csharpfixformat.sort.usings.splitGroups: Insert blank line between using blocks grouped by first part of namespace. False by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.enabled: Enable code reformat with style options. True by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.braces.onSameLine: Should open braces be kept on expression line (K&R style) or on new line. True by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.braces.allowInlines: Allow expressions inside braces at one line. True by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.indent.preprocessorIgnored: Should preprocessor directives ignore indentation or use it. True by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.indent.regionIgnored: Should #region / #endregion directives ignore indentation or use it. False by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.indent.switchCaseIgnored: Should switch cases ignore indentation or use it. False by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.newline.atEnd: Force adds new empty line at end. False by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.newline.elseCatch: Force places else / catch expression to new line. False by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.newline.maxAmount: Amount of new line (\n) symbols allowed in row. 1 means no blank lines, 0 for disable. 2 by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.operators.onSameLine: Should operators be kept on expression line or on new line for multilined expressions. True by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.spaces.beforeParenthesis: Space before '(' - opening parenthesis. True by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.spaces.afterParenthesis: Space after ')' - closing parenthesis. True by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.spaces.beforeIndexerBracket: Override spaces.beforeBracket rule for indexer sequence 'this['. True by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.spaces.beforeBracket: Space before '[' - opening bracket. False by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.spaces.afterBracket: Space after ']' - closing bracket. True by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.spaces.insideEmptyParenthis: Space inside '()' - empty parenthis. False by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.spaces.insideEmptyBraces: Space inside '{}' - empty braces. True by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.spaces.insideEmptyBrackets: Space inside '[]' - empty brackets. False by default.
  • csharpfixformat.style.spaces.removeAfterCommandBeforeParenthesis: Remove spaces after specified command and before (. Commands should be splitted with space. "" by default.

Special flags

Formatting can be ignored for any code with wrapping to directives:

/* fixformat ignore:start */
var test    =        i().  willNotBeFormatted     []   ;
/* fixformat ignore:end */

Known issues

Multilined constrained generics not supported:

    where T : class

Suggestion - put constraints on one line:

class<T> where T : class

Multiline initialization for new instance as parameter for method will not be formatted correctly:

TestMethod (new TestClass {
    a = 10,
        b = 20

Suggestion - split variable declaration and method calling:

var t = new TestClass {
    a = 10,
    b = 20
TestMethod (t);

Initialization with nested "{ }" can be formatted wrong:


new System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<string, string>() {
    { "", "" },
    { "", "" },
    { "", "" },


new System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<string, string>()	{
    { "", "" }, { "", "" }, { "", "" },

Suggestion - add comment for each item in initialization:

new System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<string, string>() {
    // Item 1 description.
    { "", "" },
    // Item 2 description.
    { "", "" },
    // Item 3 description.
    { "", "" },

Named parameters with string consts as values can be formatted wrong:


var test = Test(
    name: "Test name",
    amount: 1,
    type: TestType.Type1


var test = Test(
    name : "Test name",
    amount : 1,
    type : TestType.Type1

Suggestion - extract string values as consts:

const string TestName = "Test name";
var test = Test(
    name: TestName,
    amount: 1,
    type: TestType.Type1

Installation of release version

Use instructions from marketplace.

Installation from sources

  1. Install node.js.
  2. Run "npm install" from project folder.
  3. Run "npm run package" from project folder.
  4. Install brand new packed *.vsix bundle through vscode plugins menu option "Install from VSIX".

Сoexistence with the omnisharp-vscode extension

On each run this extension checks that omnisharp-vscode extension (if installed) will use "csharp.format.enable": false option for disabling builtin format feature. This extension will not work correctly with activated omnisharp-vscode format feature - it's why user should fix option manually or automatically with autofix suggestion.

After removing the extension, user should manually restores this option to "onisharp-vscode": true for enabling format feature and restart editor then.