Tower defense, implemented in Python using pyglet library, as an excercise
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Towers R Us

Customizable tower defense game, implemented in Python using pyglet library, as an excercise.


Towers R Us project is intended to be an excercise, both in python and in game development. Therefore, it's source code can be a mess sometimes, but a mess that eventually will be cleaned some time. I love TD games, and also Python(I've started to code in this language recently), so it seemed a perfect excercise to write one using the other.


  • The aim is to the game to be as customizable as it can get. Currently you can define maps and it's parameters (speed of the release of creeps, backgrounds) and the creeps themselves(hp, gold, speed) via JSON config files.
  • Also, using the excelent pyglet library (, we can have nice graphics. These can be customized too. (or should be, in the future :P)
  • This game must be portable. Linux and Windows platforms will be supported(that's all I have), but the python/pyglet combo should run in others, more or less.