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Allegro 5 Java binding with GUI and object orientation

Still in progress Allegro 5 java library.

For anyone interested in coding 2D games in Java, this library will allow you to make use of the Allegro 5 game library (which is all in C) while coding your game in Java. This object oriented wrapping of the Allegro 5 library is intuitive, and designed to resemble the preexisting java.awt and javax.swing package libraries.

This library is specifically designed to Linux systems. However, With little modification (more specifically changing the temporary file creation in the font class), I'm sure it could work with any OS.

Allegro Notes:

To Compile the C half of this library, you will need to have
Allegro 5 installed on your computer.

Primitives Notes:

Primary issues with primitives have been fixed. However, if
an arbirary primitive is drawn which overlaps with itself,
the tessellation algorithm is not guaranteed to return
successfully, and if the algorithm (which is on the C side
of the code @ display/graphics_handler:Primitive_drawFilledPrimitive())
fails, the program will exit with code 0x01.

Fonts Notes:

A series of default fonts are now included with the library, all of
which are licensed under GLP+FE. For further information, see the
'notes' in the XML data in file default-typefaces.xml, or the notes
field in the DefaultTypefaces class.

Custom Font Notes:

For adding your own defualt fonts, add them to the allegro.fonts package
on the Java side and then add an XML entry in the file in the same 
package with the name default-typefaces.xml. If you so desire, the 
'Notes' tag can be omitted, however every default font needs both a 
name, which denotes the file name in allegro.fonts without the .ttf and
a handle, which should uniquely identify that typeface.


Allegro 5 Java binding with GUI and object orientation




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