A 2D camera rig well suited for cutout animation
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Camera Rig 2D

Create a 2D camera rig well suited for cutout animation


Add the rig through the Add Menu (SHIFT + A) > Camera > 2D Camera Rig. This creates a camera parented to an armature. There are two controllers for the camera, one for each bottom corner. Camera rotation or shift and focal length are calculated automatically.

You may choose between two modes, located in the Camera Rig Custom Properties:

  • Rotation: this rotates the camera to keep controllers in the corners of the field of view. Perspective deformations will appear when the controllers are sideways from the camera.
  • Shift: this uses the shift property of the camera object. In perspective mode, this incurs another type of deformation at extreme angles.

Known issues

  • Rotation mode is unsupported for orthographic cameras.


Blender scripts shared by Les Fées Spéciales are, except where otherwise noted, licensed under the GPLv2 license.