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A simple org-mode blog, write blog by org-mode in Emacs
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OrgNote: A simple blog based on org-mode Join the chat at


Install OrgNote by pip:

$ pip install orgnote

Install OrgNote by easy_install:

$ easy_install orgnote

Install OrgNote by source code:

$ git clone
$ cd OrgNote
$ python install

Get Started

At first, you should crate a on GitHub:

$ git clone
$ cd
$ orgnote init


update _config.yml ,sample:

# OrgNote Configuration
## Docs:
## Source:

# Site
title: OrgNote
subtitle: "A simple org-mode blog, write blog by org-mode in Emacs"

author: OrgNote

language: zh-CN

# About this blog
description: "Use OrgNote."
keywords: "OrgNote,Emacs,org-mode,blog,python,geek"

Post Blog

$ orgnote new note-name

$ orgnote list

$ orgnote status

$ orgnote publish note-name

$ orgnote generate

$ orgnote server [port]

$ orgnote deploy


$ orgnote help

Usage: orgnote <command>

init       Create a new OrgNote folder
new        Create a new .org post
list       List this blog notes
status     Status of those notes
publish    Auto Publish a note
recall     Cancel publish a note
generate   Generate static files
server     Start the server
deploy     Deploy your website
help       Get help on a command
version    Display version information

For more help, you can check the docs:

Emacs Version

Tested via GNU Emacs 26.1



OrgNote Bash Completion



Enjoy it! :)

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