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Updated Nov 1, 2013


forked from imeyer/ruby-1.9.3-rpm

RPM spec for Ruby 1.9.3

Updated Oct 31, 2013


forked from mislav/choices

Easy external settings for your app

Updated Oct 14, 2013

JavaScript 0 1


forked from petrui/bootstrap-affix

scroll fixed

Updated Aug 27, 2013

JavaScript 0 120


forked from angular/bower-angular-mocks

angular-mocks.js bower repo

Updated Jul 25, 2013


forked from pat/riddle

Ruby Client API for Sphinx

Updated Jul 17, 2013


forked from pat/ts-resque-delta

ThinkingSphinx + Resque delta indexing.

Updated Jul 15, 2013


forked from pat/thinking-sphinx

Sphinx plugin for Rails and Merb

Updated Jul 15, 2013

JavaScript 0 257


forked from argerim/select2-rails

Integrate Select2 javascript library with Rails asset pipeline

Updated Jun 28, 2013

JavaScript 0 644


forked from angular-ui/ui-utils

Swiss-Army-Knife of AngularJS tools (with no external dependencies!)

Updated Jun 17, 2013

JavaScript 0 1


forked from cezar-berea/ngx-resource-bower

Updated Jun 17, 2013

Ruby 2 0


Easy delegation of all columns of an ActiveRecord association

Updated May 6, 2013

JavaScript 0 134


forked from ripienaar/gdash

A dashboard for Graphite

Updated Apr 9, 2013


forked from activemerchant/active_merchant

Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is written by Tobias Luetke, Cody Fauser, and contributors. The aim of the project is to feel natural to Ruby users and to abstract as many parts as possible away from the user to offer a consistent interface across all supported gateways.

Updated Apr 2, 2013


forked from LitleCo/litle-sdk-for-ruby

A Ruby SDK for interfacing with Litle & Co. payments platform. Uses Litle's online delivery mechanism.

Updated Mar 27, 2013

JavaScript 0 633


forked from sorich87/bootstrap-tour

Quick and easy product tours with Twitter Bootstrap Popovers

Updated Feb 4, 2013


Common Core Data Archive

Updated Jan 29, 2013


forked from stevendanna/logrotate

Development repository for Opscode Cookbook logrotate

Updated Oct 22, 2012


forked from yrgoldteeth/bootstrap-will_paginate

Format will_paginate html to match Twitter Bootstrap styling

Updated Sep 18, 2012

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