Lethean Virtual Private Network (VPN)
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This repository contains code needed to setup and run an exit node on the Lethean Virtual Private Network (VPN) or to use Lethean service as client in CLI mode. If you are looking for GUI, please look here

The exit node is currently only supported on Linux.


ITNS (aka LTHN) VPN dispatcher is a tool that orchestrates all other modules (proxy, VPN, config, etc.). It does not provide any VPN functionality by itself. The dispatcher uses system packages whenever possible but it runs all instances manually after invoking. More info about technical design can be found here

Client mode

As a client, dispatcher uses global SDP platform to fetch data about provider and connect there. There is no automatic payment functionality inside client. It is up to user to send corresponding payments from wallet to provider. Client will show only instructions what to pay. We do not want to have any connection from client to your wallet allowing automatic payment. More information about client mode is here

Server mode

As a server, dispatcher helps you to create, publish and run your service as a provider. More info about server mode is here



Q: Is it legal to be provider?

There can be local laws and legality issues in your country or company. Check your legislative about this. We cannot say universally that something is legal or not. It can differ in countries over the world but you should follow at last some basic rules:

Safe your infrastructure

You should not allow user to connect to your own network until you are sure you want to. Please refer to server documentation about access lists.

Do not allow bad users to do bad things

This is probably most critical and complex part. Primary goal of entire Lethean project is privacy for users. But, of course, somebody can use privacy to harmful somebody other. It is your responsibility as a provider to do maximum against these users. Our project is here for good users which needs privacy. We will implement many features how to help you with this filtering.

Filter traffic

You can filter your traffic for specific sites. Please refer to server

Q: As a provider, do I need audit log?

If somebody does something harmful, you are responsible as an exit node. It is up to you.

Q: What is status of IPv4/IPv6 support?

Both client and server works perfectly on IPv4 network. We are working on full native IPv6 support but for now, see this matrix.

Client Provider Web Support
IPv4 IPv4 IPv4/IPv6 Full
IPv6 IPv6 IPv4/IPv6 No-session-tracking


Q: Will Lethean project make me anonymous?

There are lot of next dependencies which you MUST follow to be anonymous. Refer to tor. I a short review, your browser, your OS and all other tools around can be used to identify you. At least, use dedicated browser with anonymous mode enabled.



Everything related to client part. More information here


Example config files and config templates.


Code related to VPN server part. More information here


Library files