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Docker Image for Rundeck

This is the source repository of docker image for Rundeck.

A few details

  • This image is based on debian:wheezy
  • Installs Apache2, and rundeck
  • By default uses mariadb image as database
  • No SSH. Use nsenter
  • Random errros with downloads, while building the Docker image from web. If you are testing locally, it's always good to have the binary downloaded and supplied directly.

Build Process


This will locally create a rundeck image.


Start all containers through docker-compose:

docker-compose up -d

rundeck will be available on port 4440.


All configuration happens in docker-compose.yml and should be self-explanatory.


As defined in docker-compose.yml, the following directories are mounted as volumes:

  • data/mysql: Persistent MySQL storage
  • data/projects: Configuration files for rundeck projects will be stored here
  • data/keys: Update the ssh key in this directory, which will be used by rundeck.

Hope this helps! Keep forking.

Please open issues, if you are stuck.

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Credits: I've forked out @jjethwa's repository and worked on top of that. Thanks for the good work!