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Massive Tanks 1.0.2

Massive Tanks is a classic tanks game remade as an MMO. It's purely browser based on the client side, built with awesome Phaser framework. Server is written in Java with Atmosphere framework at it’s core for WebSocket communication.

Base of this project was created during a 10-hours long development tournament. After that event, we took our time to refactor the code and optimize it. Live demo is available (though on a very average server) under this URL.

Project structure

Structure is enforced by Maven, on which this project depends. JavaScript and in general frontend files are located in src/main/webapp/client, while whole backend is placed in src/main/java.

Project can be build using two available profiles: development and production (all configured in pom.xml file). Production minifies all JavaScript and CSS files, replacing their references in client/index.html and index.jsp files with pointers to minified versions. Development is meant for debug deployments and doesn’t perform any extra operations beside standard build process.

To deploy the server on the embedded tomcat clone this repository, navigate to project’s root folder and issue the following command: mvn tomcat7:run -P production.

Game will be available at this URL: http://localhost:8080/



  • Phaser - JavaScript game framework,
  • Lo-Dash - the utility belt.


  • Atmosphere - framework for WebSocket communication,
  • dyn4j - physics engine and collision detection for two dimensional world,
  • Google Guice - dependency injection,
  • Google Guava - all those little improvements,
  • Jackson - mapping objects to JSON and the other way around. Required to send messages to clients,
  • SLF4J + Logback - logging framework.

Team Members


If you would like to contact us feel free to use e-mail.


Massive Tanks is licensed under the MIT license. All sprites, beside logo, are licensed under CPL 1.0 license and came from WidgetWorx's SpriteLib

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