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LetsDoCoinz is always on the lookout for good people to join our family. If you’re looking for a great place to work – Look no further.

Free Posotions

Vice President (4-8%)

Manage ability , Analytics ability , Risk management, Hiring Skills

Web Developer (3-7%)

MYSQL, PHP, JQUERY, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Ubuntu, Git, wallet integration skills

Product Manager (3-6%)

Cryptocurrency and finance vision

Marketing Manager (3-6%)

Creative ways of marketing in cryptocurrency and finance area

Social media Manager (1-5%)

Posting and commenting : Twitter Steemit BitCoinTalk Medium Reddit FaceBook

Listing Manager (1-4%)

Search for best currency admins and explain about our listing policy

Affiliate Manager (1-3%)

Looking for affiliates posting and commenting in affiliate forms

Support Manager (1-3%)

Active member in support chanels help clients telegram chats

We share 1-10% of profit with each employee mothly

Long term community low profitable cryptocurrency exchanges network project in first steps of life

Please send cv to