Colorful visualiser for RoboFont
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A small visualiser for the RoboFont Edit window.

  • Shows the current glyph from all open UFOs (maybe that should be limited, idk.).
  • Edit Tool, so you can do all the editing with this visualiser on.
  • Does not preview interpolation, or do anything with the designspace data.
  • Does not attempt to repair problems.
  • Just draws one to one relations of the points.
  • If the number of points in one of the masters does not match the others, the lines will be red.
  • Snazzy rainbow color effectsm, which may or may not help.
  • All glyphs projected centered on the current view.
  • Left and right margins of the other masters.
  • Off curve points are bigger.


  • 1.3.6 ShowSparksTool made independent from DesignSpaceEditor