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Product Calculator

This is a JavaScript Engineer evaluation project. You should set your own deadline, and then meet it.


Your objective is to build a product calculator which allows you to add and remove products while calculating the cost of the products as you change them.

The component will need to have a button to add a new product, a table (or table-like) display of current products, a button to remove a product, and finally a total cost for all products. Lastly, the component will need to load some initial products via a ajax request to the fake API. Please see details below.

There are 2 API ajax requests you'll need to make:

  1. http://localhost:3030/api/all-products Retrieves all the products available to the calculator. These should show in a dropdown next to the ADD button.
  2. http://localhost:3030/api/products Retrieves products that are to be pre-loaded in to the calculator.


ADD NEW PRODUCT (add button + a dropdown containing all available products)

Product Quantity Cost Action
Roofing 100 (number input - ability to edit. Defaults to 1.) $425 REMOVE (button)
Window 5 (number input - ability to edit. Defaults to 1.) $275 REMOVE (button)

Total: $700

Project Guidelines

  • Use React + es6 + modules + clean code.
  • You can use flux inspired architecture.
  • You can use clean and meaningful syntax. Don't over complicate for the sake of being fancy.
  • You can use any other library you would like, but simplicity and minimalism is best.
  • You can only use npm as a dependency manager (not bower or anything else). Just add to the the current package.json file.
  • You can not use jQuery. kthx.
  • You can not add any custom css. Simply use React Bootstrap. The CSS is already included. You should put careful thought in to which components you decide to use so the tool is user-friendly as possible.
  • You can not touch anything in /server/.
  • Calculator must load in initial products upon page load (api/products).
  • Pay attention to the dot files in the root of the project.
  • Bonus points for unit testing.
  • Bonus points if it works offline.
  • Bonus points if you give suggestions to make this evaluation better.

Getting Started


  • node.js >= v4.1.0
  • gulp (npm install -g gulp)


  1. Clone the project and cd in to it.
  2. Start up the server with by running node server/server.js.
  3. Open in a new shell and cd in to src/.
  4. Run npm install and finally, gulp watch. (make sure you have gulp installed)
  5. Now you can make changes to files in ProductCalculator and a new server/app.js will automatically be compiled for you.
$ ~ node server/server.js

Server listening on localhost:3030.

 * App URL: http://localhost:3030
 * Saved products: http://localhost:3030/api/products
 * Products index: http://localhost:3030/api/all-products

Data Structures (API)

A product (/api/all-products)

This will be a collection of all available products in the (fake) database.

    "id": 3,
    "name": "Name of product",
    "cost": 3.50
  • id: This will be a unique id for the product.
  • name: The name of the product.
  • cost: The amount the product costs.
A saved product (/api/products)

This will be a collection of products that have been saved to the (fake) database. The will be loaded to the calculator initially.

    "id": 0,
    "productId": 3,
    "quantity": 200
  • id: A unqiue id.
  • productId: This id corresponds to the product's id.
  • quantity: The number of products/units. Cost for product will be quantity * cost.


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