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Stackahoy CLI

Deploy anytime, anywhere.


npm i -g stackahoy

Use cases may include:

  • Zero downtime Docker container deployments when using a Docker registry.
  • Third-party implementations. e.g. grunt, gulp, Makefiles, ect.
  • Misc. application triggered deployments.
  • You don't want to make use of webhooks (or your provider does not support them).

See complete documentation here.


# List all available repos and branches. Start here.
stackahoy list --token="your-token"

# Typical deployment to production.
stackahoy deploy \
  --token="your-token" \
  --repo="57acb5757ec23523032d92ca" \

# Deploy to production, except don't sync files. Only execute post-commands and
# deliver configuration files. This is great for something like a Docker
# container deployment.
stackahoy deploy \
  --token="your-token" \
  --repo="57acb5757ec23523032d92ca" \
  --branch="production" \