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A vim cheat sheet wallpaper based on a wallpaper by Ted Naleid. Colors are based on solarized which makes looking at it even more aaaawesome.


If you are using MacVim or a terminal that supports transparency (e.g. Iterm) I suggest you set your background transparent and you will be able to see the cheat sheet while editing. Set it something between 10-20 percent and you should be fine. For example in MacVim:

:set transparency=15


OmniGraffle files are included if you feel like customizing this to your own vim colorscheme.

Thanks to @EspadaV8 there's a dark version of this wallpaper now as well.

Dark Background

There is also a version with a 'real' background based on tremblingpixels' breathe wallpaper now:

With Background

We also have a version that preserves the gradient of the original, but changes the color to a nice soothing blue:

blue gradient


A vim cheat sheet wallpaper.



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