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How to report a bug

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First of all, thank for the attnetion you are giving to our API.
However, we need to setup some rules about bug report.

1. Check that it isn't your use of the API the cause of the problem.

We are trying to have the best wiki as possible, the first step is to check what you've done with the wiki. The major point are usually writen in bold or italic.

If your problem persist, you could come on the Discord to ask for help.

If the problem you have is really a bug of the API,

2. Check if it's already reported.

Go to this page, and search the key words of your bug.

  • If you find your bug, then you can, if you think it's useful, add some additionnal imformation in the comments.
  • If you find a similar bug, please write a comment on that issue and explain to us how your's is different. If we think it's another bug, we will create a new issue ourself and ask you for more informations. It's to avoid duplicate issues.
  • If you don't find your bug,

3. Create a new issue.

We invite you to create a new issue, give it a representative title and a complete description. If the description isn't complete enough, it will be really difficult to solve your bug. Don't forget to give us scrennshots and/or crash report if you have them and stay attentive to answer, because we will answer you in the comment (Normally, GitHub will send you an e-mail when a new comment is post).

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