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Godot 2D action adventure platformer demo

Godot 2D action adventure platformer demo will be a "complete" tiny demo that should contains a lot of useful stuffs for people that want to learn Godot Engine and creating their own platformer.

I hope it should answer the common question : Damn, how can I code that ? by only reading through code instead.




  • A basic retro physic engine

  • Momentum hitting management (slow time with an ease-in-out effect)


  • Tilemap system

  • Music and sound management



  • A pretty basic but complete character moveset
    • Jump
    • Double jump
    • Getting hit
    • Dying
    • Grounded combo attack
    • Air combo attack
  • GUI
    • Cooldown bar between combo
    • Healtbar
    • Pause screen


  • Slime

    • A vicious little creature that will follow you if you get to close to him

    • Will try to bite you if your too close

    • Multiples behaviours (idle, move, attack, getting hit, dying)


  • Eagle

    • A flying enemy that mind his own business, if you don't get in his path (simple movement path)


  • GUI

    • Enemy health bar



  • Main menu

  • Loading screen

  • Credits Screen

  • Game Over screen


Move - wasd, arrow keys

Jump - Space bar

Attack - F, left mouse click

Pause - Escape

Game is also playable with a game controller

GDscript Guidelines

Naming convention

When a function is linked to a signal, it name should begin with _on following by his action with a Maj.

eg. _on_Death, _on_Cooldown_timer


This demo was made by using those amazing assets (thanks to their author, that share their works like that). To use those assets, I recommend to directly download it from their official page and follow the license terms.


Animated Pixel Adventurer

Free Pixelart Platformer Tileset

Sunny Land 2D Pixel Art Pack


Pixel health bar asset pack


pixelmix font

Arcade Classic Font

Sounds and musics

The Essential Retro Video Game Sound Effects Collection [512 sounds] By Juhani Junkala

Star Commander1 [music]

Obviously if an asset is not credited, contact me, I always try to credits the asset I use, but something I can just forget to do it.

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