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Files to quickly set up my preferred web development environment using Vagrant
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Vagrant Ubuntu Webserver

These three files quickly set up my preferred environment for web development, using Vagrant an Virtual box. The webserver comprises of:

  • Ubuntu (18.04/Bionic Beaver)
  • Apache 2
  • PHP 7.2
  • MySQL

Lines 61 and 62 of Vagrantfile set the virtual machine up with 512MB RAM and 1 CPU, I have done this to match the AWS t2.micro machine I use for production, but you can change this to match your requirements if needed.

To Use

  • If not already installed on your machine, install Vagrant, VirtualBox and Vagrant Hostsupdater.
  • Clone this repository: git clone yourfoldername (Or copy the three files, "Vagrantfile", "" and "mysql_secure_installation.sql" to your project folder).
  • (Optional) Edit the desired IP address for your server on line 35 of Vagrantfile. - It is best to have a unique IP address for each time you create a new server.
  • Change the hostname for your server on line 36 of Vagrantfile. This is what you will type in your webbrowser to access the webserver.
  • Replace "YourDBPassword" with your chosen database password on line 1 of mysql_secure_installation.sql.
  • From your project folder in your terminal type vagrant up - this may take a while to execute the first time, as all the files will need ot be downloaded.
  • Navigate to http://your.hostname (or whatever you defined in line 36 of Vagrantfile), you should see the Apache default page.
  • Add your source code (or even install your CMS of choice) in to the "Content" folder, which is where Apache will serve from.
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