A series of NodeJS workshops given as part of CodeWeekend: http://the-dining-philosophers.github.io/code-weekend/
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NodeJS Workshops

A series of three 2-hour talks/workshops which I gave as the main part of CodeWeekend, leading up to the Fall 2014 PennApps hackathon. They were preceded by a workshop (not given by me) covering installation, setup, using the command line, and some basic HTML/CSS/JS. You can probably find video recordings here.

The three talks were on:

Intro to Node.js

  • Node.js basics
  • Express
  • Templates, sessions, middlewares
  • Simple form processing

Intro to APIs

  • What APIs are, how they work, why we use them
  • Sending HTTP requests from Node
  • Authenticating with an API via OAuth
  • Sending emails and Venmo payments

Intro to MongoDB

  • MongoDB: what, why, how, basic commands
  • MongoDB with Node: why, how
  • Saving and retrieving notes and payments from Node

The workshops build on each other and the materials include milestones/checkpoints in the progression of the code. These materials will likely be reused and/or adapted in the future for similar applications.