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Sample applications for Mbed environment.

How to start

Please install the following dependencies in advance.

$ brew install pipenv
$ pipenv shell
$ npm install mbed-simulator -g

Simple uTensor Graph (utensor-simulation)

This application is for running uTensor with Mbed environment.

First, we are going to crate our model in SavedModel format.

$ python

It will generate a SavedModel in the directory saved_model. To make it readable by uTensor, it is necessary to freeze the model. We need the information of output node. saved_model_cli in TensorFlow will give us information of all nodes contained in the graph.

$ saved_model_cli show --dir ./saved_model --all

Now we are able to freeze the graph as follows.

$ freeze_graph --input_saved_model_dir saved_model --output_node_names add_1 --output_graph freezed_model.pb

Freezed model containing all weights parameters in an optimized manner is saved in freezed_model.pb. uTensor is able to convert the model in freezed format into uTensor model. utensor-cli generates the C/C++ source code runnable at Mbed environment.

$ utensor-cli convert freezed_model.pb --output-nodes=add_1 --model-dir utensor-simulation/models
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