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if (A_PtrSize = 8) {
RunWait "%A_AhkPath%\..\AutoHotkeyU32.exe" "%A_ScriptFullPath%"
MsgBox 16,, This script must be run with AutoHotkey 32-bit, due to use of the ScriptControl COM component.
; Change this path if the loop below doesn't find your hhc.exe,
; or leave it as-is if hhc.exe is somewhere in %PATH%.
hhc := "hhc.exe"
; Try to find hhc.exe, since it's not in %PATH% by default.
for i, env_var in ["ProgramFiles", "ProgramFiles(x86)", "ProgramW6432"]
EnvGet Programs, %env_var%
if (Programs && FileExist(checking := Programs "\HTML Help Workshop\hhc.exe"))
hhc := checking
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%\docs\static
; Rebuild Index.hhk and Table of Contents.hhc.
RunWait "%A_AhkPath%" source\CreateFiles4Help.ahk
FileMove content.js, content.temp.js, 1
FileMove content.chm.js, content.js
; Compile AutoHotkey.chm.
RunWait %hhc% "%A_ScriptDir%\Project.hhp"
; Put it back so that local viewing works.
FileMove content.js, content.chm.js
FileMove content.temp.js, content.js