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Fixed icon-loading to not default to ID 0 when the index is invalid.

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Lexikos committed Jul 22, 2017
1 parent a0711c5 commit 1d0469eb9eb7f5896bfd1e62c781702b992515f9
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@@ -2316,14 +2316,20 @@ BOOL CALLBACK ResourceIndexToIdEnumProc(HMODULE hModule, LPCTSTR lpszType, LPTST
return TRUE; // Continue
// L17: Find ID of resource from one-based index. i.e. IconNumber -> resource ID.
// v1.1.22.05: Return LPTSTR since some (very few) icons have a string ID.
LPTSTR ResourceIndexToId(HMODULE aModule, LPCTSTR aType, int aIndex)
ResourceIndexToIdEnumData enum_data;
enum_data.find_index = aIndex;
enum_data.index = 0;
enum_data.result = NULL; // Zero is probably not a valid integer ID; I think it would be compiled as "0" (string).
// NULL can't be used to indicate "not found", as any value between 0 and 0xFFFF is an
// integer ID, including zero, even though some compilers replace it with "0" (string).
// (LPTSTR)-1 or "" could be used instead, but this method should be safest, since we
// know the API cannot ever return a string at this address:
enum_data.result = RESOURCE_ID_NOT_FOUND;
EnumResourceNames(aModule, aType, &ResourceIndexToIdEnumProc, (LONG_PTR)&enum_data);
@@ -2352,7 +2358,8 @@ HICON ExtractIconFromExecutable(LPTSTR aFilespec, int aIconNumber, int aWidth, i
// that the pointer returned by LockResource is valid until the *module* containing
// the resource is unloaded. Testing seems to indicate that unloading a module indeed
// unloads or invalidates any resources it contains.
if ((hres = FindResource(hdatafile, group_icon_id, RT_GROUP_ICON))
if (group_icon_id != RESOURCE_ID_NOT_FOUND
&& (hres = FindResource(hdatafile, group_icon_id, RT_GROUP_ICON))
&& (hresdata = LoadResource(hdatafile, hres))
&& (presdata = LockResource(hresdata)))

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