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Game 20

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Lexxie9952 committed May 10, 2019
1 parent 1b0be6a commit b7109e420ab08b7b4cc254cc74eca24ca5a28a68
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#LongTurn Game #20

cmdlevel ctrl first

rulesetdir mpplus

set minplayers 0
set maxplayers 60
set aifill 60
set timeout 82800
set first_timeout 168000
set nationset all
set compresstype xs
set allowtake=""
set autotoggle false
set unitwaittime=36000
set netwait 150
set nettimeout 120
set pingtime 30
set pingtimeout 240
set maxconnectionsperhost 500
set threaded_save enabled
set scorelog disabled
set saveturns=1
set autosaves=TURN|TIMER
set savefrequency 60
metaconnection persistent
set ec_chat=enabled
set ec_info=enabled
set ec_max_size=5000
set ec_turns=7

set gold 75

set mapsize XYSIZE
set xsize 200
set ysize 100
set topology WRAPX
set generator RANDOM
set startpos DEFAULT
set landmass 78
set specials 350
set alltemperate "ENABLED"
set separatepoles "ENABLED"
set tinyisles "DISABLED"
set huts 0

set startunits=cccwwwxx
set dispersion 2
set trading_city disabled
set rapturedelay 1
set revolentype FIXED
set revolen 1
set endturn 365
set contactturns 0
set barbarians DISABLED
set onsetbarbs 30

set borders "SEE_INSIDE"
set diplomacy "HUMAN"
set foggedborders enabled
set victories ALLIED
set restrictinfra "ENABLED"
set endspaceship DISABLED

metamessage FREECIVWEB Game 20 | 1 turn per day | 60 players | MP+ ruleset | 78% land | Join now!

cmdlevel basic

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