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jQuery plugin - timer countdown digital clock
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jQuery plugin - timer countdown digital clock



npm install time-to


Countdown timer

Set delay in seconds

$('#countdown').timeTo(100, function(){ alert('Countdown finished'); });

Hide hours

$('#countdown').timeTo({ seconds: 100, displayHours: false });

Set delay to specified datetime

$('#countdown').timeTo(new Date('Dec 10 2013 00:00:00 GMT+0200 (EET)'));

Set captions and dark theme

    timeTo: new Date(new Date('Dec 10 2013 00:00:00 GMT+0200 (EET)')),
    theme: "black",
    displayCaptions: true

Digital clock




Whithout options it makes simple digital clock with current system time.

where options can be...


Object with initial settings:

  • callback: function that call when countdown end, default null;
  • captionSize: integer font-size by pixels for captions, if 0 then calculate automaticaly, default 0;
  • step: function that is called every {stepCount} ticks, default null
  • stepCount: integer execute {step} every {stepCount} ticks, default 1
  • countdown: boolean if false then it's as clock, default true;
  • countdownAlertLimit: integer seconds left to countdown end after that clock apply CSS class timeTo-alert, default 10;
  • displayDays: integer count of digits days to display, default auto (for backward compatibility true means 3);
  • displayCaption: boolean if true then captions display, default false;
  • displayHours: boolean if false then hide hours, default true;
  • fontFamily: string font-family for digits, default 'Verdana, sans-serif';
  • fontSize: integer font-size by pixels for digits, default 0 - use CSS instead;
  • lang: string language for caption, available 'en', 'ru', 'ua', 'de', 'fr', 'sp', 'it', 'nl', 'no', 'pt', 'pl', default 'en';
  • languages: object extra languages or overrides, first level key is lang, second level keys: 'days', 'hours', 'min', 'sec', default {};
  • seconds: integer initial time in seconds for countdown timer, default 0;
  • start: boolean if true - start timer automaticaly, else need execute .timeTo("start"), default true;
  • theme: string nameof color theme, available "white" and "black", default 'white';
  • time: string time in format 'H:mm:ss' to set the clock, countdown option automaticaly has to be set to false;
  • timeTo: date object specify date and time for current time or for countdown to, default null.


Initial setting for seconds option

// is identical to
    seconds: 100

Date object

Initial setting for timeTo option

$('#clock').timeTo(new Date('Dec 10 2013 00:00:00'));
// is identical to
    timeTo: new Date('Dec 10 2013 00:00:00')


Action for execute. Available: 'start', 'stop', 'reset'.

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