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Just another adblocker on Firefox
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Nano Adblocker Core for Firefox

Just another adblocker on Firefox

Nano Adblocker is based on uBlock Origin.

This repository contains only auto-update script and documentations.

The code of the builder can be found in the Nano Core 2 repository.

The built code can be found in the release.


You need Firefox version 55 (57 for Android) or above to install this extension, but require 57+ for HTML filtering.

Caution: You need Firefox 60+ for keyboard shortcuts assignment!

Normal Install

Click .xpi file to download and install from link below.

Get it here (for Firefox 55+, including Waterfox)

Get it on AMO (Recommend, Firefox 57+ ONLY)

IMPORTANT: DO NOT install both versions.

Get also Nano Defender, the perfect companion extension for Nano Adblocker

Note: If you decide to pair with Nano Defender, please install both extensions from same source. That is: either both from AMO OR both from GitHub. Otherwise, you will have to go through Step 2 of extra installation step (but not other steps).

Notable Change

Customizable short keys for Mac Machine (Experimental)


Available since

[Work in progress] Nano Filter Linter, neat and saves frustration


Partially available since

Nano Filter Viewer, powerful and blazing fast


Available since

Nano Extra Resources, useful and configurable


Available since

Nano Filter Highlighter, beautiful and helpful


Available since

Other Change

Note: user interface and other housekeeping changes are not listed here.

  • Extended advanced settings
  • Tweaked filter syntax
  • Enabled Block CSP reports by default (to prevent websites from abusing it to track users)
  • Added a few more filters to filters manager
  • Made cache control button to be always shown
  • Added force scroll mode (to be used with element zapper)
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