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MadEdit-Mod is a cross platform Text/Hex editor(based on the madedit project @ sourceforge)
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Dictionaries Add Spanish dictionary Oct 12, 2015
astyle Update Astyle to r672 May 9, 2019
devcpp Commit all files from SF based on mod 0.2.2 Sep 24, 2014
help Pan Chinese(CJK) support in Regex Jul 17, 2019
image2xpm Add VS2015 project for image2xpm Feb 13, 2017
images Adding missing icon Aug 6, 2018
m4 Commit all files from SF based on mod 0.2.2 Sep 24, 2014
makefiles Packing into linux Nov 23, 2015
markdown Rollback wrong changes for FreeBSD Aug 25, 2015
minipython Code improvement Apr 18, 2019
msw Fix: Atyle crash by updating Astyle to 3.1 May 9, 2019
packaging Fix bugs of sort tabs Aug 7, 2019
patches Improve Icons Jun 24, 2016
po Fix bug and update translation for regex Jul 20, 2019
python Update boostpython to 1.70 Apr 15, 2019
scripts Fix build issue under GhostBSD Apr 18, 2019
spellchecker Update Hunspell to 1.7.0 Nov 13, 2018
src Fix: Pan Chinese on Search in files Sep 14, 2019
syntax Fix: Automatically select extension for new file according to syntax … Aug 3, 2019
.gitignore Update ignore list Nov 12, 2018
.travis.yml Update Travis CI May 7, 2019
ABOUT-NLS Commit all files from SF based on mod 0.2.2 Sep 24, 2014
AUTHORS Sync from SF to 0.3.3 Jun 29, 2015
COPYING Add COPYING Nov 13, 2018
ChangeLog Fix: Buggy code of quick search UI Jul 20, 2019
How to build MadEdit-Mod.txt Bump version 0.4.17 Jul 4, 2019
LICENSE Add LICENSE Dec 6, 2016 Use shared wxWidgets released by the target platform Apr 22, 2019
MoreEncodings.txt Minor fix Dec 17, 2016
NEWS Fix: Buggy code of quick search UI Jul 20, 2019
README Fix: Buggy code of quick search UI Jul 20, 2019
README.txt Fix: Pan Chinese on Search in files Sep 14, 2019
VERSION Change version to 0.4.18 Jul 24, 2019
aclocal.m4 Fix build issue under GhostBSD Apr 18, 2019 Compile issue Dec 29, 2016 Add clear bookmark to fix the config Oct 27, 2017
config.guess Commit all files from SF based on mod 0.2.2 Sep 24, 2014 Fix build issue under GhostBSD Apr 18, 2019
config.rpath Commit all files from SF based on mod 0.2.2 Sep 24, 2014
config.sub Commit all files from SF based on mod 0.2.2 Sep 24, 2014
configure Use shared wxWidgets released by the target platform Apr 22, 2019 Use shared wxWidgets released by the target platform Apr 22, 2019 Minor fix Oct 27, 2017
depcomp Commit all files from SF based on mod 0.2.2 Sep 24, 2014
description-pak Update translation and documents Dec 5, 2015
gpl-3.0.txt Update source to MadEdit-Mod Nov 3, 2014
install-sh Add X to install-sh Apr 19, 2019
lgpl-3.0.txt Update source to MadEdit-Mod Nov 3, 2014
madedit-static.spec Packing into linux Nov 23, 2015
madedit.desktop Update translation and documents Aug 1, 2018
madedit.spec Add Greek translation Nov 20, 2015
missing Update for CI Nov 13, 2018
mkinstalldirs Commit all files from SF based on mod 0.2.2 Sep 24, 2014


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MadEdit Mod(based on the madedit project @ sourceforge)

Based on madedit@sf. Patched a lot from the contributors because the author is not active any more. The patches includes bug fixing from contributors of Madedit and some bloody edge enhancement. Madedit is one of the best free editor I ever know. See detailed introduction at it homepage. I create this page just for those user who need these features but are not able to build from source code by themselves. Use GPL because the author does.

You're encouraged to translate MadEdit-Mod into your native language if there's not already a translation.


The release marked as Selfuse is a bloody edge and buggy one with a lot of enhancement without carefully tested(Eg. Drag and Drop(cross-platform), bookmark, etc). Try it at your own risk. From 2.9.1, the implementation of single instance has to be changed and not compatible with 2.8.x, which means madedit.exe could not behave correctly if another madedit.exe(complied with wxwidgets 2.8.x) were running.

Current Feature list(comparing to the original Madedit@sourceforge)

  • Original features from MadEdit(Hex Edit, Column Edit, many encodings support, etc) with lots of bug fixes
  • More encodings supported, eg, GB18030, CP874, CP866, KOI8-R and KOI8-U Macintosh encodings(Roman, Japanese, Chinese-trad, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, Thai, Chinese-simp, Central-Eur, Croatian, Icelandic, Romanian) if your system supports
  • Pan Chinese character support in search(CJK non-sensitive)
  • Drag&Drop Edit(Cross platform)
  • Bookmark(From Gogo)
  • Bookmark enhancement:Edit functions(Copy/Cut/Delete/Replace bookmarked lines), Bookmark in search
  • Print bookmark sign with content
  • Highlight word(shift+F8 & Left double click)
  • Triple click to select whole line
  • Line function enhancement(Cut/Delete/Join/Delete empty)
  • Trim leading/trailing spaces/tabs
  • Click on line number area to select one line or all(click with Control pressed)
  • Search all in current file
  • Search/Replace all in all opened documents
  • Open files and go to #line by command line
  • Embedded Python as Macro language for automation(Run/Rec/Playback, local script list)
  • Numbering(Insert incremental numbers with prefix and postfix string)
  • Delete all by using ReplaceAll with NULL
  • Replace in all mode(Normal/Column/Hex) by paste according to insert mode
  • Auto fill column data according to rows selected while pasting in column mode, don't need to prepare lines any more
  • Column Align(to left/right)
  • Right click on file tab(Close all to the right/left/but this file)
  • Fully functional Hex edit(support inserting)
  • Spell Check/Suggestions, ignore list and personal dictionary
  • Revert Hex String to hex(Eg, from '4D6F64', '4D 6F 64', '%4D%6F%64', or '4D,6F,64' to 'Mod')
  • Double click at a brace to select all between the brace pair(Delimiter selection)
  • Up/Down to the line above/under the selection if selecting
  • Click on bookmark area to toggle bookmark
  • Context menu for Main Frame/Tool bars(Show/Hide one or all tool bars)
  • Quick Search, F8 to show, Esc to hide search bar, Enter to search next/previous according to your last operation. Immediately matching while inputting
  • Purge history manually or automatically while exiting
  • Mardown/Html Preview(Lightweight Markdown/Html editor)
  • Convert Mardown to Html
  • Convert Html to plain text
  • Automatic Formatter for C, C++, C++/CLI, Objective-C, C#, and Java Source Code(Astyle)
  • XML Formatter(DTD is not supported)
  • Silent mode which can be used in scripting(-s -m script_name)
  • Run a MadPython script after opening the file(-m script_name)
  • RTL(Right-to-left) support
  • Typewriter mode
  • Windows list dialog
  • Always on Top/Whole screen mode
  • Auto save/backup
  • Interactive scripting(Message box and Input dialog suppored)
  • 64 Bit build (Win64 and x86_x64), GTK+3 support


  • English
  • Chinese Simplified (zh_CN)
  • Chinese Traditional(zh_TW)
  • German(de_DE) (Not done)
  • Greek(el)
  • Italian(it_IT) (Not done)
  • Japanese(ja_JP)
  • Polish(pl_PL) (Not done)
  • Russian(ru_RU) (Not done)
  • Spanish(es) (Not done)


Mod v0.4.17 Note: Changed *nix build from static link with wxWidgets to dynamic link with wxGTK, which means you have to install wxGTK3+(wxGTK2.8 is not supported) to install the release

  • New: Atyle formatter: Add new option "style=webkit" for the WebKit brace style
  • New: New API for MadPython:InsertNewline
  • New: Right click menu enabled for MadMacroDlg and SearchReplaceDialog(more edit functions for input of the dialog)
  • New: Scripts and spell check for Macro and SearchReplace dialog
  • New: Reset transparency of SearchReplace dialog
  • Fix: Deleted stale lock file '/home/username/prog_name-username' bug(Linux) #262
  • Fix: Code issue of EnableTransparency
  • Fix: GB18030 not work under Linux
  • Fix: Regex replace bug, eg, replace "\r\n" with "\n"
  • Fix: MadPython Recording issue
  • Fix: Chars escape for regex recording
  • Fix: Unbind critical message handlers during OnClose
  • Fix: High CPU load when move mouse over text lines #258 #265
  • Fix: Can't replace bookmarked lines with multiple line text
  • Fix: Patch for possible buffer overflow in GetFontWidths
  • Fix: Wrong string for K&R style on SourceFormat config Dialog
  • Fix: Use alphabet order for file name extension in FileAssociation Dialog
  • Fix: Disable syntax toolbar in Hex mode
  • Fix: Use GB18030 if wxFONTENCODING_CP936 is not available
  • Fix: Total pages in print preview is incorrect
  • Fix: Code improvement
  • Fix: Buggy code of quick search UI
  • Update Astyle to latest code
  • Update translations


  • Partial load for large text files which was mentioned by the original author but never getting done.

Known issues

  1. The Macro recording function will save all your commands to one document which means it will not record the "switching" between documents.
  2. Search in selection in column mode is not exact the selection highlighted.
  3. HighlightWord would not work if the caret is at the end of the line
  4. Scroll function on Right click menu of scroll bars only works with Windows


  • Mixed
  1. GPL for the code from MadEdit and developed by myself
  2. MIT License for the code from Astyle
  3. Boost Software License for boost.python
  4. Python License for miniPython
  5. LGPL for hunspell
  6. Others by the original authors


  • Nikoss Greek Translation
  • ZhTw2013 Traditional Chinese Translation
  • Tilt Japanese Translation



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