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Rasmus Wallin edited this page Feb 11, 2024 · 24 revisions

This wiki contains documentation for the SeeGoals project. It's used to store public information that could be of use for project members, other teams competing in SSL and people just curious about the project.

There are no strict rules to how the wiki should be structured, but there are a few things to keep in mind when editing it.

  • The wiki is for concrete documentation or guides (e.g. how to access fetdatorn, how to build some software, what parts the robot is currently made of, how the project is organised). It's not for discussions.
  • The wiki is open to the world, private things should be on the Drive.
  • Try to keep related things within one page to make the wiki more navigable.
  • Only when a page gets too big it should be divided into multiple pages.