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#pragma once
#include <stdint.h>
#include <vector>
#include <luabind/luabind.hpp>
#include <luabind/object.hpp>
#include <thread>
#include "BlockConfig.h"
#include "BlockCommon.h"
#include "BlockChunk.h"
#include "IAttributeFields.h"
#include "ChunkMaxHeight.h"
namespace ParaEngine
class VerticalChunkIterator;
class BlockRegion;
class BlockChunk;
* 512*512 region
class BlockRegion : public IAttributeFields
BlockRegion(int16_t regionX, int16_t regionZ, CBlockWorld* pBlockWorld);
virtual ~BlockRegion();
/** this class should be implemented if one wants to add new attribute. This function is always called internally.*/
virtual int InstallFields(CAttributeClass* pClass, bool bOverride);
ATTRIBUTE_METHOD1(BlockRegion, GetRegionX_s, int*) { *p1 = cls->GetRegionX(); return S_OK; }
ATTRIBUTE_METHOD1(BlockRegion, GetRegionZ_s, int*) { *p1 = cls->GetRegionZ(); return S_OK; }
ATTRIBUTE_METHOD1(BlockRegion, GetChunksLoaded_s, int*) { *p1 = cls->GetChunksLoaded(); return S_OK; }
ATTRIBUTE_METHOD1(BlockRegion, SetChunksLoaded_s, int) { cls->SetChunksLoaded((uint32)p1); return S_OK; }
ATTRIBUTE_METHOD1(BlockRegion, IsModified_s, bool*) { *p1 = cls->IsModified(); return S_OK; }
ATTRIBUTE_METHOD1(BlockRegion, SetModified_s, bool) { cls->SetModified(p1); return S_OK; }
ATTRIBUTE_METHOD1(BlockRegion, GetTotalBytes_s, int*) { *p1 = cls->GetTotalBytes(); return S_OK; }
ATTRIBUTE_METHOD(BlockRegion, ClearAllLight_s) { cls->ClearAllLight(); return S_OK; }
virtual const std::string& GetIdentifier();
virtual void SetIdentifier(const std::string& sID);
/* if locked, all block access functions takes no effect. Since it is either being loaded or saved asynchronously. */
bool IsLocked();
@param x,z: range in [0,512), y range in [0,256)
@param bNeedUpdate: during loading from file, bNeedUpdate is false.
void SetBlockTemplateByIndex(uint16_t x_rs,uint16_t y_rs,uint16_t z_rs,BlockTemplate* pTemplate);
void RefreshBlockTemplateByIndex(uint16_t x_rs, uint16_t y_rs, uint16_t z_rs, BlockTemplate* pTemplate);
uint32_t GetBlockTemplateIdByIndex(int16_t x,int16_t y,int16_t z);
BlockTemplate* GetBlockTemplateByIndex(int16_t x,int16_t y,int16_t z);
//user date is a uint32 value,
//params are in region space, x,z range in [0,512), y range in [0,256)
void SetBlockUserDataByIndex(int16_t x,int16_t y,int16_t z,uint32_t data);
uint32_t GetBlockUserDataByIndex(int16_t x,int16_t y,int16_t z);
/** set chunk column time stamp. usually 0 for non-generated. 1 for generated.
this is usually called by world generators, so that we will not generate again next time we load the world. */
void SetChunkColumnTimeStamp(uint16_t x_rs,uint16_t z_rs, uint16_t nTimeStamp);
/** get the time stamp of for the given chunk column
0 means not available, 1 means loaded before*/
uint16_t GetChunkColumnTimeStamp(uint16_t x,uint16_t z);
bool IntersectBlock(int16_t blockX,int16_t blockY,int16_t blockZ,uint32_t filter);
//Get region x index
inline int16_t GetRegionX(){return m_regionX;}
//Get region Z index
inline int16_t GetRegionZ(){return m_regionZ;}
//Get the height of highest soiled block
ChunkMaxHeight* GetHighestBlock(uint16_t blockIdX_rs, uint16_t blockIdZ_rs);
//return neighbor state as a 32bit mask value.
//if neighbor is not in current region we'll set the neighbor state as empty
uint32_t QueryApproxNeighborBlockState(const Int16x3& blockPos);
//return null if block not exist
//note:do *not* hold a permanent reference of the return value,underlying
//block address may change after SetBlockTemplate()!
Block* GetBlock(uint16_t x_rs,uint16_t y_rs,uint16_t z_rs);
void SaveToFile();
void Load();
// called every frame move
void OnFrameMove();
void OnLoadWorldFinished();
void OnUnloadWorld();
void DeleteAllBlocks();
void RefreshAllLightsInColumn(uint16_t chunkX_ws,uint16_t chunkZ_ws);
void GetBlocksInChunk(uint16_t chunkX_ws,uint16_t chunkZ_ws,uint16_t startChunkY,uint16_t endChunkY,
uint32_t matchtype,const luabind::adl::object& result,int32_t& blockCount);
void GetBlocksInChunk(uint16_t chunkX_ws, uint16_t chunkZ_ws, uint32_t verticalSectionFilter,
uint32_t matchtype, const luabind::adl::object& result, int32_t& blockCount);
const std::string& GetMapChunkData(uint32_t chunkX, uint32_t chunkZ, bool bIncludeInit, uint32_t verticalSectionFilter = 0xffff);
void ApplyMapChunkData(uint32_t chunkX, uint32_t chunkZ, uint32_t verticalSectionFilter, const std::string& chunkData, const luabind::adl::object& output);
// call this function when this chunk is modified
void SetChunkDirty(uint16_t packedChunkID, bool isDirty);
// this function is only called when neighbor block on the adjacent boundary to this chunk is dirty.
// This chunk may or may not be modified.
void SetChunkDirtyByNeighbor(uint16_t packedChunkID);
void SetChunkLightDirty(uint16_t packedChunkID);
inline uint16_t GetPackedRegionIndex()
return m_regionX + (m_regionZ << 6);
Block* GetBlock(uint16_t chunkId,Uint16x3& blockID_r);
BlockChunk* GetChunk( uint16_t packedChunkID, bool createIfNotExist);
/** whether modified. */
bool IsModified();
/** set modified. */
void SetModified(bool bModified=true);
uint32 GetChunksLoaded() const;
void SetChunksLoaded(uint32 val);
/** total number of bytes that this region occupies */
int GetTotalBytes();
void CalculateTotalBytes();
/** get the world space position for the center block. */
void GetCenterBlockWs(Uint16x3* pPos);
const Uint16x3& GetMinBlockWs();
const Uint16x3& GetMaxBlockWs();
void ClearAllLight();
/** refresh chunks include one type block*/
void SetChunksDirtyByBlockTemplate(uint16_t templateId);
Block* CreateBlock(Uint16x3& blockID_r);
//return false if block not exist
bool SetBlockToAir(uint16_t chunkId, Uint16x3& blockId_r);
BlockChunk* CreateNewChunk(uint16_t chunkIndex);
bool IsChunkDirty(int16_t packedChunkID);
void CheckNeighborChunkDirty(Uint16x3& blockId_rs);
void SetNeighborChunkDirty(Uint16x3& neighborChunkId_ws);
void UpdateBlockHeightMap(Uint16x3& blockId_rs, bool isRemove, bool isTransparent);
void Cleanup();
CBlockWorld* GetBlockWorld();
void LoadWorldThreadFunc();
void LoadFromFile();
void ParserFile(CParaFile* pFile);
void ParserFile1_0(CParaFile* pFile);
friend class BlockChunk;
friend class RenderableChunk;
typedef BlockChunk* BlockChunkPtr;
// 32*32*16 chunks
BlockChunkPtr* m_chunks;
int GetChunksCount();
/** 0 means not available, 1 means loaded before*/
std::vector<byte> m_chunkTimestamp;
/** 512*512 biomes values*/
std::vector<byte> m_biomes;
//store the highest block
//first is highest block,second is highest soiled block
std::vector<ChunkMaxHeight> m_blockHeightMap;
/** total number of bytes that this region occupies */
int m_nTotalBytes;
/** whether block is modified or not */
bool m_bIsModified;
Int16x3 m_minChunkId_ws;
Int16x3 m_maxChunkId_ws;
Uint16x3 m_minBlockId_ws;
Uint16x3 m_maxBlockId_ws;
int16_t m_regionX;
int16_t m_regionZ;
CBlockWorld* m_pBlockWorld;
/* if locked, all block access functions takes no effect. Since it is either being loaded or saved asynchronously. */
bool m_bIsLocked;
std::thread m_thread;
int32 m_nEventAsyncLoadWorldFinished;
uint32 m_nChunksLoaded;
std::string m_sName;