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Credits page for Paracraft

Paracraft is a standalone 3d animation software for everyone. One can use blocks to create animated characters, movies, interactive stories and learn programing. Paracraft is free see also: license file and open source, and mostly for educational use see also: NPL project.

Main Developer:

LiXizhi ( Paracraft is written in NPL (over a million lines) and ParaEngine (a cross-platform C++ game engine). NPL/ParaEngine were also written by LiXizhi, since 2004.

Common Misconceptions:

Minecraft is a trademark of MOJANG/Microsoft, and we have nothing to do with it. But we are inspired by it and hope one day we can reach those great guys and share ideas.

Paracraft uses color/bone blocks to create animated characters; and movie blocks and wires to create movie clips in the 3d world. And we must give credits to following original ideas from minecraft or its users: redstone wires, repeaters, command blocks, and various cube blocks to approximate the natural world.

The developers of Paracraft have tried really hard to make the blocky world look different from minecraft. However, it is physically and philosophically difficult, because the most intuitive way to approximate nature and characters with blocks is to use even sized blocks. The community of minecraft has done a great job on this philosophy, which we believe should be shared and improved in later software like paracraft.

Original Ideas And References

I can not include everyone here, but I would like to maintain a list of original ideas in Paracraft and reference works from other people. I want to share those ideas through our open-source tools, including:

  • Block-based animation making using movie blocks.
    • based on the Similarity theory from my father.
  • Animation-oriented programming model: which is used extensively in paracraft CodeBlock.
    • based on similarity theory, and some UI is inspired by scratch from MIT and Google-Blockly.
  • Memory-oriented programming model: which is a work-in-progress in our AI search.
    • based on the Similarity theory from my father.
  • Self-directed educational tools: such as those we published in
  • Programming oriented computer-aided design: such as those we published in NPL CAD.
    • inspired by openscad, onshape.

if you used those ideas or even our source code, we would like you to give credits to us for other researchers to see our works or even work together.

Plugins of Paracraft

Plugins of paracraft are owned by their respective developers.

Kids Movie Creator

Kids Movie Creator is a very old shareware released in 2006, allowing kids to create 3d world and make movies. It was developed by the developer of Paracraft but has nothing to do with Paracraft. However, if you purchased kids movie creator, your license key can be used as donation key in Paracraft as a give back from us. And we really thank you for your support and encourage you to move to the more advanced Paracraft software to make your movies.

Magic Haqi

Magic Haqi is a free/paid 3D MMORPG published by taomee in November 2009, allowing kids to play, create and share 3d worlds. It has over 5 million registered users and tens of thousands of user-created works in China. The software is developed and owned by the developers of Paracraft, but has nothing to do with Paracraft. The initial version of paracraft was developed as a module in Magic Haqi. We have a valid contract with its publisher taomee for their use of paracraft and its source code.

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Paracraft is a trademark of Tatfook Inc, which is our biggest sponsor. Paracraft will always be free and open source, and we really want to work with talented people, and see more derivative or standalone works from it, especially those written on top of our software framework or with NPL language.

For software and plugin developers, please give credits to paracraft if you ever used ideas like bone blocks, movie blocks, rules/actor items, NPL code wiki, Code block, Memory Block, etc from paracraft (unless you believe your ideas have nothing to do with us).

For educational institutes or teachers, we are more than happy to work with you to promote self-directed learning and programming with NPL/paracraft in schools.

If you are unclear or want to report issues, please contact the developer