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Install NPL Runtime

NPL runtime allows you to run NPL/lua script from command line. such as:

 npls hello.lua

NPL runtime is useful for running short CI scripts or background service.

Install on Linux

Install on Windows

The win32 executable of NPL runtime is currently released with the ParacraftSDK. Follow the steps:

  • Download and install ParacraftSDK
  • Make sure you have updated to the latest version, by running ./redist/paracraft.exe at least once
  • Run ./NPLRuntime/install.bat
  • More information, please see NPL Runtime readme

Example code: hello.lua

npls hello.lua

local output = System.os("dir *.lua");
echo(output); -- output to log.txt
--io.write(output); -- output to std output
exit(1); -- return code

Editors and Debuggers

NPL/Lua Code Editor for Visual Studio

NPL language service


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