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Code test project for Cantarus. Checkout system.
C# Smalltalk
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Code test project for Cantarus made in C# including unit tests. Project is to build a basic Checkout system with items and discounts.


*05/11/2019 Removed old Unit tests project. Tests are located at Checkout/UnitTests.

This project was completed with a Code First approach which took approximately 100 minutes spread out over the day. This allowed me to familiarise myself with testing concepts in C# and how they are similar/different to 'Jest' used in Node.js which I am more familiar with currently. The project is missing one feature which is the addition or modification of the store items at runtime, although the PopulateDefault() method with small modifications would make this an easy addition.

I added a Main console method as an extra feature to allow for more interaction with the system as if it were a real Checkout system.

Thank you!

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