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A simple Webpack 2 + TypeScript starter
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Webpack 4 + TypeScript starter

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This is by far no sophisticated starter or whatever. The goal is to get the simplest possible setup to get you started with Webpack 4 and TypeScript. You can then start from here and add further stuff you need, such as SASS compilation, add framework specific stuff etc.

Also check out the official Webpack 4 docs for a proper TypeScript setup:

Note, this is still a WIP. Contributions/suggestions are welcome 😃


  • Webpack 4
  • TypeScript 2 compilation
  • ts-lint
  • Webpack Development Server
  • Karma and Jasmine test execution

How to use

Just clone it and get going.

# --depth 1 removes all but one .git commit history
$ git clone --depth=1 <your-project-name>

# change directory to your project
cd  <your-project-name>

# Maybe remove the `.git` directory and start with a fresh one.

# install all dependencies.
$ npm i

# Start developing and serve your app:
npm start

# Build your app without minification: 
npm run build

# Build your app with minification: 
npm run build.all

# run unit tests:
npm run test


Of course! Open an issue and let's discuss 😃.

Links and other useful stuff

Similar projects that could be a point of inspiration:

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