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Example code for creating an AWS Lambda which can add entries to Dynamodb
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The following is a series of steps you can perform to create an AWS Lambda which puts information in to a DynamoDB table. The example is just for tutorial purposes.

##Prerequisites: An AWS account that can deploy AWS Lambdas and DynamoDB tables.

##1. Create the IAM Role for your user. You will need an IAM Role that can deploy AWS Lambdas as well as put files in to DynamoDB instances. To create such a role;

  • Go to Services > Security > IAM.
  • Click on "Roles".
  • Click on "Create New Role".
  • Give your role a name.
  • From "AWS Service Roles" select "AWS Lambda".
  • Use the filter to find and the policies for DynamoDB and AWS Lambda. AWSLambdaBasicExecution and AmazonDynamoDBFullAccess would suffice but they aren't the most secure options.
  • Review and create the role.

##2. Creating your DynamoDB table.

  • Go to Services > Storage & Content Delivery > DynamoDB.
  • Click "Create Table".
  • Name your table.
  • Name the primary key "id".
  • Make sure "Use default settings" is enabled.

##3. Create your Lambda

  • Go to Services > Compute > Lambda.
  • Click "Create a Lambda function".
  • Click "Configure function".
  • Name the function.
  • Add a description for the function.
  • Select "Node.js 4.3" as the runtime.
  • Under "Lambda function code" select "Edit code inline" as the "Code entry type" and paste in the example from this repository.
  • Under "Lambda function handler and role" select the role created previously.
  • Review and create your function.

##4. Test your Lambda

  • With your Lambda selected click on "Actions" and select "Configure test event".
  • For this example the "Hello World" template is used.
  • Save the changes and test your Lambda! If you go to the DynamoDB table you created you will see the entries should have been added!
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