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A Pybossa theme for the LibCrowds crowdsourcing platform.


Clone this repository into your PyBossa themes folder and add the following setting to your PyBossa configuration file:

THEME = {your-custom-theme}


The theme integrates with a number of optional plugins, a list of which can be seen on the About page.

Project themes

Project portal pages are configured using keys from a project's info field, the currently supported keys are:

  • splash: A link to an image URL.
  • splash_attribution: Any attribution required for the above splash image.
  • tutorial_video: Code to embed a tutorial video (e.g. from Flickr).

For an example of these keys see project-convert-a-card/project.json.


Both administrators and users with a British Library email address have access to the pages for creating and managing projects. This means that staff can create, modify and otherwise take ownership of projects without requiring access to the full range of admin features. For this restriction to be at all effective email account confirmation should always remain enabled in the main PyBossa configuration file.


See the CONTRIBUTING file for guidelines on how to suggest improvements, report bugs or submit pull requests.