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2019-03-05 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Camera support
Canon A560 (CHDK hack)
FujiFilm X-T30
Nikon Coolpix A1000
Olympus E-M1X
Sony ILCE-6400
Several dng files from phones and drones was tested
and added to built-in camera list too.
* Multiple names for same Panasonic cameras are processed via
aliaces mechanics, no multiple duplicate fields in adobe_coeffs() table
* Better makernotes parsing for many cameras
* Better parsing of makernotes embeded into DNG files created by
Adobe DNG Converter
* New imgdata.params.raw_processing_options value: LIBRAW_PROCESSING_ZEROFILTERS_FOR_MONOCHROMETIFFS
- If this bit is set
- and TIFF file contains SamplesPerPixel == 1
- and filters value was not guessed from metadata parsing
LibRaw will assume the file is monochrome, not bayer.
This option is needed for monochrome scan processing (Imacon X1 etc).
This option may broke old TIF-like RAW files processing (Kodak 760,etc)
use with care (it is better to let user choose).
2018-12-12 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Camera support:
Canon: PowerShot A480 (CHDK hack), EOS 2000D, EOS 4000D
Eyedeas E1
FujiFilm: GFX 50R, XF10, X-T3, X-T100, DBP680
GITUP G3 DUO (16:9 mode only, use custom camera for 4:3)
Kodak PIXPRO AZ901
Leica M10-D, M10-P
Nikon D3500, Z6, Z7, P1000
Panasonic LX100M2
Pentax K-1 II
Sony A7 III, HX95, HX99, RX100-VA, RX100-VI
* Fixed long standing bug in remove_zeroes: first two rows/cols was unprocessed
* Better parsing for NEF files modified (damaged) by NikonTransfer
* Better parsing for floating point DNG black levels (into color.dnglevels.fblack and dng_fcblack[], similar
to and color.cblack[] for other formats).
* More flexible limit for RAW decoding memory usage:
imgdata.params.max_raw_memory_mb (default is LIBRAW_MAX_ALLOC_MB_DEFAULT)
* New flags for imgdata.params.raw_processing_options:
LIBRAW_PROCESSING_CHECK_DNG_ILLUMINANT - will check DNG illuminant field when selecting color matrix
(note: incompatibility with previous versions, so default is not set).
LIBRAW_PROCESSING_DNGSDK_ZEROCOPY - will not copy data from Adobe DNG SDK decoded buffer, but use it as is
* Swtiched from auto_ptr to unique_ptr, to get back define LIBRAW_USE_AUTOPTR
* dcraw_emu: it is now possible to create output filename in a more flexible manner, via -Z switch:
-Z - will output to stdout
-Z ext will output into inputfilename.ext
-Z .ext will output into inputfilename.inputext.ext
2018-11-22 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Finally: got Sinar 4shot sample, works fine now
* OpenMP critical sections for malloc/free; extra #ifdefs removed; bin/dcraw_dist could be built again using Makefile.devel
* additional checks in parse_phase_one()
* more checks on file offsets/tag len in parse_minolta
* more checks in parse_ciff
* Mempool check reworked
* Old Leaf (16bit/3color/TIFF) support
* Fix cameraWB->autoWB fallback
* Polaroid x530 channel swap; get metadata pointer for Foveon files
* Fixed Secunia Advisory SA86384
- possible infinite loop in unpacked_load_raw()
- possible infinite loop in parse_rollei()
- possible infinite loop in parse_sinar_ia()
Credits: Laurent Delosieres, Secunia Research at Flexera
* LibRaw 0.19.1-Release
2018-06-28 Alex Tutubalin <>
* changed wrong fix for Canon D30 white balance
* fixed possible stack overrun while reading zero-sized strings
* fixed possible integer overflow
* LibRaw 0.19.0-Release
2018-06-11 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Sony uncompressed/untiled DNGs: do not set bits-per-sample to 14 bit
* Do not change tiff_bps for DNG files
* Another possible stack overflow in kodak radc reader
* Secunia Advisory SA83507, credits Kasper Leigh Haabb,
Secunia Research at Flexera"
- parse_qt: possible integer overflow
- reject broken/crafted NOKIARAW files
* LibRaw 0.19-Beta6
2018-05-10 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Put rogue printf's behind #ifdef DCRAW_VERBOSE
* Exceptions was not caught in x3f_new_from_file resulting in x3f handle leak
* packed_load_raw(): EOF check on each row
* define LIBRAW_USE_CALLOC_INSTEAD_OF_MALLOC to use ::calloc instead of
::malloc in LibRaw_mem_mgr malloc calls;
Note: realloc is not changed, so only partial fix
* Fixed possible div by zero in EOS D30 WB data parse
* U-suffix for filter-var manipulation consts
* restored static specifier for utf2char() lost in previous bugfix
* Fixed stack overrun in kodak_radc_load_raw
* Secunia Advisory SA83050: possible infinite loop in parse_minolta()
* LibRaw 0.19-Beta5
2018-05-03 Alex Tutubalin <>
* CVE-2018-10529 fixed: out of bounds read in X3F parser
* CVE-2018-10528 fixed: possible stack overrun in X3F parser
* LibRaw 0.19-Beta4
2018-04-24 Alex Tutubalin <>
* LibRaw 0.19-Beta3
* fixed lot of bugs reported by ImageMagic/oss-fuzz
* fixed several bugs reported by Secunia team (adv 81800,
Credit: Laurent Delosieres, Secunia Research at Flexera)
2018-03-22 Alex Tutubalin <>
* LibRaw 0.19-Beta2
* Better handling of broken JPEG thumbnails
* Panasonic GH5S/G9-hires decoder, thanks to Alexey Danilchenko
Note: ABI has changed due to this patch, so shlib version increased
* Fujifilm X-A5/A20 metadata parsing fix
* New error code LIBRAW_TOO_BIG: image data size excess LIBRAW_MAX_ALLOC_MB
* winsock2 included before windows.h to make MinGW happy
2018-02-23 Alex Tutubalin <>
* LibRaw 0.19-Beta1
* 84 cameras added compared to 0.18 (1014 total):
iPhone 8(*), iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X
URSA Mini 4k, URSA Mini 4.6k, URSA Mini Pro 4.6k
Canon CHDK hack
PowerShot A410, A540, D10, ELPH 130 IS, ELPH 160 IS, SD750,
SX100 IS,SX130 IS, SX160 IS, SX510 HS, SX10 IS, IXUS 900Ti
PowerShot G1 X Mark III, G9 X Mark II, EOS 6D Mark II, EOS 77D,
EOS 200D, EOS 800D, EOS M6, EOS M100
Casio EX-ZR4100/5100
Phantom4 Pro/Pro+, Zenmuse X5, Zenmuse X5R
S6500fd, GFX 50S, X100f, X-A3, X-A5, X-A10, X-A20, X-E3, X-H1, X-T20
H6D-100c, A6D-100c
P9 (EVA-L09/AL00), Honor6a, Honor9, Mate10 (BLA-L29)
CL, M10, TL2
V20 (F800K), VS995,
D850, D5600, D7500, Coolpix B700
E-PL9, E-M10 Mark III, TG-5
One, A3303, A5000
DMC-FZ45, DMC-FZ72, DC-FZ80/82, DC-G9 (std. res mode only), DC-GF10/GF90,
DC-GH5, DC-GX9, DC-GX800/850/GF9, DMC-LX1, DC-ZS70 (DC-TZ90/91/92, DC-T93),
DC-TZ100/101/ZS100, DC-TZ200/ZS200
Bebop 2, Bebop Drone
Pentax KP
PhaseOne IQ3 100MP Trichromatic
Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, S6 (SM-G920F), S7, S7 Edge, S8 (SM-G950U),
Yi M1
Xiaoyi YIAC3 (YI 4k)
Note(*): for mobile phones with DNG format recording, only really tested cameras
are added to supported camera list. Really LibRaw should support any correct DNG.
* No more built-in support for LibRaw demosaic packs (GPL2/GPL3).
We're unable to support this (very old code), so we'll be happy to transfer this
code to some maintainer who wish to work with it.
In LibRaw 0.19 we provide extension API: user-settable callbacks to be called in
code points where demosaic pack code was called.
- int callbacks.pre_identify_cb(void *) => to be called in LibRaw::open_datastream
before call to (standard) identify() function. If this call returns 1, this means
that RAW file is identified and all metadata fields are set, so no need to run
standard identify code.
- void callbacks.post_identify_cb(void*) => called just after identify(), but before
any cleanup code;
- dcraw_process() callbacks are called before dcraw_process phases (name speaks for itself):
pre_subtractblack_cb, pre_scalecolors_cb, pre_preinterpolate_cb, pre_interpolate_cb,
interpolate_bayer_cb, interpolate_xtrans_cb, post_interpolate_cb, pre_converttorgb_cb,
All these new callbacks are called with (this) as the only arg.
To continue LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPLx support one need to subclass LibRaw, set needed
callbacks in (e.g.) constructor code, than these callbacks to be called
* Better DNG parser:
- support for DefaultCrop Origin/Size tags (add LIBRAW_PROCESSING_USE_DNG_DEFAULT_CROP to raw_processing_options to enable)
- better parsing for nested DNG tags (use tag from RAW IFD, fallback to IFD0 if no tag in current IFD)
- DNG PreviewColorspace extracted into dng_levels.preview_colorspace
* Metadata extraction:
- Better extraction of camera measured balance (LIBRAW_WBI_Auto and WBI_Measured),
this not the same as 'as shot' if some preset/manual tune is used.
- Extraction of camera custom balances (LIBRAW_WBI_CustomN)
- Nikon data compression tag extracted into
- Hasselblad BaseISO and Gain extracted into makernotes.hasselblad
- Canon multishot params extracted into
- lot of other vendor-specific makernotes data (see data structures definitions for details).
* New LibRaw::open_bayer call allows to pass sensor dump w/o metadata directly to LibRaw:
virtual int open_bayer(unsigned char *data, unsigned datalen,
ushort _raw_width, ushort _raw_height, ushort _left_margin, ushort _top_margin,
ushort _right_margin, ushort _bottom_margin,
unsigned char procflags, unsigned char bayer_pattern, unsigned unused_bits, unsigned otherflags,
unsigned black_level);
data, datalen - buffer passed
width/height/margins - speaks for itself
for 10-bit format:
1: "4 pixels in 5 bytes" packing is used
0: "6 pixels in 8 bytes" packing is used
for 16-bit format:
1: Big-endian data
unused_bits: count of upper zero bits
Bit 1 - filter (average neighbors) for pixels with values of zero
Bits 2-4 - the orientation of the image (0=do not rotate, 3=180, 5=90CCW, 6=90CW)
black_level: file black level (it also may be specified via imgdata.params)
see samples/openbayer_sample.cpp for usage sample (note, this sample is 'sample only', suited for
Kodak KAI-0340 sensor, you'll need change open_bayer() params for your data).
* Color data added/updated/fixed for many cameras
* Correct data maximum for Fuji X-* cameras
* Thumbnail processing:
- JPEG thumbnails: if compiled with libjpeg, color count is extracted into imgdata.thumbnail.tcolors
- PPM (bitmap) thumbnails: color count is set according to thumbnail IFD tag
- PPM16 thumbnails: if LIBRAW_PROCESSING_USE_PPM16_THUMBS set in raw_processing_options, than thumbnail will be extracted
as is, not converted to 8 bit. thumbnail.tformat is set to LIBRAW_THUMBNAIL_BITMAP16 in this case.
Untested, because it is hard to find RAWs with 16-bit bitmaps.
== Compatibility fixes
* struct tiff_tag renamed to libraw_tiff_tag
* pow64f renamed to libraw_pow64f
== Bugs fixed:
* COLOR(r,c) works correctly on X-Trans files
== Security fixes:
Secunia #81000:
Credit: Laurent Delosieres, Secunia Research at Flexera
* leaf_hdr_load_raw: check for image pointer for demosaiced raw
* NOKIARAW parser: check image dimensions readed from file
* quicktake_100_load_raw: check width/height limits
Secunia #79000:
Credit: Laurent Delosieres, Secunia Research at Flexera
* All legacy (RGB raw) image loaders checks for imgdata.image is not NULL
* kodak_radc_load_raw: check image size before processing
* legacy memory allocator: allocate max(widh,raw_width)*max(height,raw_height)
Secunia #76000:
* Fixed fuji_width handling if file is neither fuji nor DNG
* Fixed xtrans interpolate for broken xtrans pattern
* Fixed panasonic decoder
* LibRaw 0.18.6
Other fixes:
* Checks for width+left_margin/height+top_margin not larger than 64k
* LIBRAW_MAX_ALLOC_MB define limits maximum image/raw_image allocation
(default is 2048 so 2Gb per array)
* LibRaw::read_shorts item count is now unsigned
* Fixed possible out of bound access in Kodak 65000 loader
* CVE-2017-14348: Fix for possible heap overrun in Canon makernotes parser
Credit: Henri Salo from Nixu Corporation
* Fix for CVE-2017-13735
* CVE-2017-14265: Additional check for X-Trans CFA pattern data
* Fixed several errors (Secunia advisory SA75000)
* ACES colorspace output option included in dcraw_emu help page
* Avoided possible 32-bit overflows in Sony metadata parser
* Phase One flat field code called even for half-size
2016-12-27 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Licensing changes:
- there is no 'LibRaw Software License 27032010' licensing anymore (and all signed
agreements have expired)
- LibRaw is now dual-licensed: LGPL 2.1 or CDDL 1.0
* Camera support (+87):
Apple: iPad Pro, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus
BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera, URSA, URSA Mini
Canon PowerShot G5 X, PowerShot G7 X Mark II, PowerShot G9 X,
IXUS 160 (CHDK hack), EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS 80D, EOS 1300D, EOS M10, EOS M5,
EOS-1D X Mark II
Casio EX-ZR4000/5000
DXO One,
FujiFilm X-Pro2, X70, X-E2S, X-T2
Gione E7
Google Pixel,Pixel XL
Hasselblad X1D, True Zoom
HTC MyTouch 4G, One (A9), One (M9), 10
Huawei P9
Leica M (Typ 262), M-D (Typ 262), S (Typ 007), SL (Typ 601), X-U (Typ 113), TL
LG G3, G4
Meizy MX4
Nikon D5, D500, D3400
Olympus E-PL8, E-M10 Mark II, Pen F, SH-3, E-M1-II
Panasonic DMC-G8/80/81/85, DMC-GX80/85, DMC-TZ80/81/85/ZS60, DMC-TZ100/101/ZS100,DMC-LX9/10/15, FZ2000/FZ2500
Pentax K-1, K-3 II, K-70
PhaseOne IQ3 100MP
RaspberryPi Camera, Camera V2
Ricoh GR II
Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge
Sigma sd Quattro
Sony A7S II, ILCA-68 (A68),ILCE-6300,DSC-RX1R II,DSC-RX10III, DSC-RX100V,ILCA-99M2 (A99-II), a6500
IMX214, IMX219, IMX230, IMX298-mipi 16mp, IMX219-mipi 8mp, Xperia L
PtGrey GRAS-50S5C
Xiaomi MI3, RedMi Note3 Pro
* Floating point DNG support:
- new data fields:
imgdata.rawdata.float_image - bayer float data
imgdata.rawdata.float3_image - 3-component float data
imgdata.rawdata.float4_image - 4-component float data
imgdata.color.fmaximum - float data maximum (calculated from real data,
rounded to 1.0 if below 1.0)
- new raw processing flag
LIBRAW_PROCESSING_CONVERTFLOAT_TO_INT - converts float data to 16-bit
integer immediately after decoding with default parameters
- new API Calls:
int LibRaw::is_floating_point() returns non-zero if RAW file contains
floating point data
int LibRaw::have_fpdata() returns non-zero if rawdata.float*_image is not
null (so FP data has been unpacked but not converted to integrer, see below).
LibRaw::convertFloatToInt(float dmin=4096.f, float dmax=32767.f, float dtarget = 16383.f)
converts float/float3/float4_image to raw_image/color3/color4_image with or without scaling:
- if both real data maximum and metadata maximum are within the range ( >= dmin && <=dmax), float
data is just converted to integer
- if data is out of the range given above, values are scaled so real data maximum becomes dtarget
- if data was rescaled (normalized), scale multiplier is stored in imgdata.color.fnorm
* LibRaw can be built with Adobe DNG SDK support to decode exotic DNG formats (e.g. 8 bit).
See README.DNGSDK.txt for details
* New API calls
unsigned LibRaw::capabilities and C-API libraw_capabilities()
allows developers to determine LibRaw compile flags at runtime.
Returns ORed bit fields:
LIBRAW_CAPS_RAWSPEED - LibRaw was compiled with RawSpeed Support
LIBRAW_CAPS_DNGSDK - LibRaw was compiled with Adobe DNG SDK
LIBRAW_CAPS_DEMOSAICSGPL2, LIBRAW_CAPS_DEMOSAICSGPL3 - LibRaw was compiled with demosaic packs (GPL2/GPL3)
* More metadata parsed:
- White balance coefficients stored in the raw file are extracted into:
int imgdata.color.WBCoeffs[256][4] - array indexed by EXIF lightsource type
for example, WBCoeffs[21][..] contains coefficients for D65 lightsource
float imgdata.color.WBCT_Coeffs[64][5] contains white balance data specified
for given color temperature: WBCT_Coeffs[i][0] contains temperature value,
and [1]..[4] are WB coefficients.
- DNG analog balance, per-channel black/white level, and forward matrix
- vendor specific metadata stored in vendor-specific data structures
* new C-API calls:
void libraw_set_user_mul(libraw_data_t *lr,int index, float val);
void libraw_set_ca_correction(libraw_data_t *lr,int ca_correc, float ca_red, float ca_blue);
void libraw_set_cfalinenoise(libraw_data_t *lr,int cfaline, float linenoise);
void libraw_set_wf_debanding(libraw_data_t *lr, int wf_debanding, float wfd0, float wfd1, float wfd2, float wfd3);
void libraw_set_interpolation_passes(libraw_data_t *lr,int passes);
* Existing API changes:
imgdata.params fields (all very specific purpose): sony_arw2_options, sraw_ycc, and params.x3f_flags
replaced with single bit-field raw_processing_options
See LIBRAW_PROCESSING_* bits in documentation.
* zlib library is optional
Use -DUSE_ZLIB to compile with zlib (to provide deflate DNG support)
* libjpeg version: jpeg_mem_src() is mandatory, so use libjpeg-turbo
or libjpeg 8+
* Fixes in vng_intepolate to make modern compilers happy
* Fixed bug in Sony SR2 files black level
* DNG files with BlackLevel both in vendor makernotes and BlackLevel:
BlackLevel tag always takes precedence
* strlen replaced with strnlen in most cases, added local version of strnlen
* ChannelBlackLevel added to canon makernotes
* unpack_thumb() data size/offset check against file size
2015-08-15 Alex Tutubalin <>
* LibRaw 0.17
* Fixed dcraw.c ljpeg_start possibly buffer overrun
* fixed several bugs detected by using American Fuzzy Lop
* C-API extension to support 3DLut Creator
* More metadata parsing/extraction:
- XMP packet extracted (if exists)
- DNG Color information parsed
- GPS data (partially) parsed
- EXIF/Makernotes parsed for used optics (for both RAW files and DNG converted by Adobe convertor).
* Exif/Makernotes parser callback (called for each processed tag)
* Sony ARW2.3 decoder:
- params.sony_arw2_hack removed, decoded data are always in 0...17k range (note the difference with dcraw!)
- Additional processing options for Sony lossy compression techincal analysis.
* Dcraw 9.26 imported (but some changes not approved because Libraw do it better) with some exceptions:
- no Pentax K3-II frame selection code
- no built-in JPEG decompressor
* Many improvements in data decoding/processing:
- Correct decoding of black level values from metadata for many formats, LibRaw do not rely on hardcoded black levels.
* 224 camera models added to supported camera list.
Some of them are new (released since LibRaw 0.16 come out), some was supported before, but missed from the list.
Added cameras are:
Alcatel 5035D
BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Production Camera 4k
Canon PowerShot A550, A3300 IS, G1 X Mark II, G7 X, SD950, SX60 HS, EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 20Da, EOS 60Da, EOS 1200D, EOS-1D C, 5DS, 5DS R, 750D, 760D, M2, M3, G3 X
Casio EX-FC300S, EX-FC400S, EX-Z1080, EX-ZR700, EX-ZR710, EX-ZR750, EX-ZR800, EX-ZR850, EX-ZR1000, EX-ZR1100, ZR1200, ZR1300, EX-ZR1500, EX-100, EX-10
Digital Bolex D16,D16M
DJI 4384x3288,
Epson R-D1s, R-D1x
FujiFilm E505,S1,S205EXR,HS10,HS11,HS22EXR,HS33EXR,HS35EXR,F505EXR,F605EXR,F775EXR,F900EXR,X100T,X30,X-T1,X-T1 Graphite Silver, XQ2, X-A2, X-T10
Hasselblad H5D-60, H5D-50,H5D-50c,H5D-40,H4D-60,H4D-50,H4D-40,H4D-31,H3DII-22,H3DII-31,H3DII-39,H3DII-50,H3D-22,H3D-31,H3D-39,H2D-22,H2D-39,CF-22,CF-31,CF-39,Stellar II,HV
HTC UltraPixel
Imacon Ixpress 96, 96C, 384, 384C (single shot only),132C, 528C (single shot only)
ISG 2020x1520
Ikonoskop A-Cam dII Panchromatic, A-Cam dII
Kinefinity KineMINI, KineRAW Mini, KineRAW S35
Kodak DCS460D, S-1
Leaf Credo 50
Lenovo a820
Leica Digital-Modul-R, D-Lux (Typ 109), M (Typ 240), Monochrom (Typ 240), M-E, M-P, R8, S, T (Typ 701), X (Typ 113), X2, X-E (Typ 102), V-Lux (Typ 114), Monochrom (Typ 246), Q
Matrix 4608x3288
Nikon D4s, D600, D610, D750, D800, D800E, D810, D3300, D5500, Df, 1 J4, 1 S2, 1 V3, Coolpix P340, Coolscan NEF, D7200, 1 J5,D810A
Nokia 1200x1600
Olympus E-450, E-600, E-PL6, E-PL7, E-M1, E-M10, E-M5 Mark II, SP565UZ, STYLUS1s, SH-2, TG-4, AIR-A01
Panasonic DMC-CM1, DMC-FZ7, DMC-FZ70, DMC-FZ1000, DMC-GF7, DMC-GH4, AG-GH4, DMC-GM1s, DMC-GM5, DMC-LX100, DMC-TZ60/61/SZ40, DMC-TZ70, FZ300/330, GX8
Pentax GR, K110D, K-01, K-S1, Q, QS-1, 645Z, K-S2, K3 II
PhaseOne IQ250, IQ260, IQ260 Achromatic, IQ280, Achromatic+, P 20+, P 21, P 25+, P 30+, P 40+
Ricoh GXR MOUNT A12, GXR MOUNT A16 24-85mm F3.5-5.5, GXR, S10 24-72mm F2.5-4.4 VC, GXR, GR A12 50mm F2.5 MACRO, GXR, GR LENS A12 28mm F2.5, GXR, GXR P10
Samsung GX-1L, NX1, NX5, NX1000, NX1100, NX30, NX300, NX300M, NX3000, NX mini, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, NX500
Sigma dp1 Quattro, dp2 Quattro, dp3 Quattro, dp0 Quattro
Sinar eMotion 22, eMotion 54, eSpirit 65, eMotion 75, eVolution 75, Sinarback 54
Sony A7 II, A7S, ILCA-77M2 (A77-II), ILCE-3000, ILCE-5000, ILCE-5100, ILCE-6000, ILCE-QX1, DSC-RX100III, DSLR-A560, NEX-VG20, NEX-VG30, NEX-VG900, IMX135-mipi 13mp, IMX135-QCOM, IMX072-mipi, RX100-IV, A7R-II, RX10-II
* Fujifilm F700/S20Pro second frame support
2014-02-01 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Updated Oly E-M10 & Panasonic TZ60/61 color data
* Updated foveon SD9-14 white level
* Support for 1x1 BlackLevelRepeatDim
2014-01-31 Alex Tutubalin <>
* imported dcraw 1.461: fixed error in BlackLevelDim handling
* Accurate work with pattern black-level (cblack[6+])
* Support for Olympus E-M10 and Fujifilm X-T1
* Adjusted possbile maximum value for Sigma SD9 small raws
2014-01-27 Alex Tutubalin <>
* dcraw 1.460: Nikon D3300, Panasonic DMC-TZ61, Sony ILCE-5000
2014-01-25 Alex Tutubalin <>
* PhaseOne IQ250 support (both compressed and uncompressed)
2014-01-21 Alex Tutubalin <>
* imgdata.params.sony_arw2_hack removed.
It always on for ARW2-files.
* New imgdata.params.sony_arw2_options processing flags
LIBRAW_SONYARW2_NONE - normal processing
LIBRAW_SONYARW2_BASEONLY - BASE pixels outputeed, delta pixels set to 0
LIBRAW_SONYARW2_DELTAONLY - Delta pixels written to raw data, base pixels zeroed
LIBRAW_SONYARW2_DELTAZEROBASE - Only deltas written without base offset
2014-01-20 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Imported dcraw 9.20:
- Support for DNG BlackLevelRepeatDim tags
- imgdata.color.cblack[] holds variable BlackLevel for DNG files (up to ~4k values)
- imgdata.params.use_camera_matrix is now ON by default. Set it to 3 if you want
to force use of DNG embedded matrix.
- Tone curve for Canon RMF format supported
- Color data for Canon C500
* Additional camera support:
Alcatel 5035D
DJI 4384x3288
Fujifilm F900EXR
Kodak 12MP
Matrix 4608x3288
Nokia 1200x1600
Olympus E-PL6
Panasonic DMC-FZ7
2014-01-17 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Camera support:
Added: Fujifilm XE2, XQ1
Color data updated: Nikon D4 1 AW1/J3, Fuji X-M2
Fixes: Nikon D610 visible image area, Canon A3300 bayer
* RawSpeed support: enabled processing for cameras,
unknown to RawSpeed
* Fixed error in LibRaw::unpack_thumb()
* little improve performance in my_strcasestr
* Fix compiler errors for VS2012/OpenMP
* Fixed typo which prevents to use Demosaic Pack GPL2
* LibRaw 0.16.0-Release
2013-11-15 Alex Tutubalin <>
* New cameras supported
Leica C, X VARIO
Nikon D5300, D610, Df, 1 AW1
Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520
Olympus STYLUS1
Pentax K-3
Sony RX10, A3000 (ILCE-3000),
* Color data updated:
Canon S120
Nikon P7800, 1 J3
Olympus E-M1
* Corrected image visible area sizes
Canon G16
Sigma pre-Merrill cameras: small and medium-sized RAWs
* Better EXIF parsing:
- ISO values for new Nikon cameras (D4, D800)
- black level extraction for Nikon D5300
- correct Olympus color data conversion
* Better Visual Studio compatibility (esp. old versions)
* Cmake build: added ws2_32 library for MinGW builds
* LibRaw 0.16.0-Beta1
2013-10-22 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Support for new cameras:
Sony A7, A7R
Panasonic GM1
* Sony RX1R and RX100M2 color data updated.
* Sony cameras model name is set by SonyModelID EXIF tag
* Sony ARW2: black level and color matrix extracted from EXIF data
* Samsung: black level and color matrix extracted from EXIF;
Camera multipliers are now extracted correctly even if black is not 0
* Better source compatibility with Mac OS X compilation
* Better source compatibility with Win32 compilation
* DNG without Compression tag assumed uncompressed
* Better X3F-tools based Foveon support:
- new Foveon metadata parser based on X3F-tools. So, if LibRaw compiled
without demosaic-pack-GPL2, then no dcraw Foveon code used.
- Support for Medium resolution RAWs from DPx Merrill and SD1 cameras.
RAW data extracted as is (4800x1600 pixels), aspect ratio is set to
0.5, so these RAWs are processed to full-size 4800x3200 RGB.
- Support for Foveon thumbnail extraction. Only JPEG and bitmap
thumbnails extracted, but 'foveon' (RAW) thumbnails are really not used
in production cameras.
- New imgdata.params.force_foveon_x3f flag
Forces use of x3f-tools based code for Foveon processing if LibRaw
compiled with demosaic-pack-GPL2 (and does nothing if LibRaw compiled
without this pack).
New flag -disadcf added to dcraw_emu sample to use this flag.
- LibRaw do not calls exit() on broken Foveon files.
* API/ABI changed, so all code using LibRaw should be recompiled.
* LibRaw 0.16.0-Alpha3
2013-10-16 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Support for new cameras:
Canon S120 (preliminary color data), G16
Fujifilm X-A1 (preliminary color data)
Hasselblad Lunar, Stellar
Nikon P7800 (preliminary color data)
Pentax K50, K500, Q7
Samsung Galaxy NX (EK-GN120)
Sony NEX-5T
* Updated color data for:
Samsung NX300
Sony RX1R
Sigma SD1, SD1 Merrill, DPxx (only if non-GPL2 foveon decoder used)
* Image dimensions table for Foveon cameras (only if
non-GPL2 foveon decoder used)
* Fixed memory leak in x3f-tools code (new Foveon decoder)
* Fixed DHT-demosaic incompatibility with MS VisualStudio in OpenMP directives
* Additional image size checks.
* LibRaw 0.16-Alpha2
2013-09-22 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Support for new cameras:
Baumer TXG14
Blackmagic Cinema
Canon EOS 70D, C500
Fujifilm X-M1
Nikon D5200
Olympus E-P5,E-M1
OmniVision OV5647 (Raspberry Pi)
Panasonic LF1, GX7, GF6
Richon GR
Samsung NX300, NX1100, NX2000
Sony RX100II, RX1R, NEX-3N
* Support for Foveon sensor based on X3F code by Roland Karlsson
BSD-like license, so included in main LibRaw code.
No 'foveon intepolation', so no way to get good colors from
old Sigma cameras (SD9, SD14, Polaroid x530). For modern Foveon cameras
one may try to create ICC profile (not supplied).
TODO: thumbnail extraction, fast cancelation
Old foveon_*_load_raw (from dcraw) code is used if compiled with
* API Changes:
+ New parameters in imgdata.params:
- imgdata.params.no_interpolation - disables interpolation step in
LibRaw::dcraw_process() call.
- imgdata.params.no_auto_scale - disables call to scale_colors() in
LibRaw::dcraw_process() call.
- imgdata.params.sraw_ycc - disables Canon sRAW YCbCr to RGB conversion
in LibRaw::unpack() call (use for RAW analyzers
+ New Fuji X-Trans handling:
- imgdata.iparams.filters value is now 9 for Fuji X-Trans (instead of 2)
- imgdata.iparams.xtrans[6][6] matrix contains row/col to color mapping
for Fuji X-Trans sensor.
+ LibRaw::setCancelFlag() - use for fast decoder termination
+ LibRaw_abstract_datastream::make_byte_buffer() call is not needed more.
+ New demosaic code: DHT Demosaic by Anton Petrusevich
Set params.user_qual=11 to use.
+ New demosaic code: Modified AHD Demosaic by Anton Petrusevich
Set params.user_qual=12 to use.
+ New C-API call libraw_COLOR(libraw_data_t *t, int row,int col)
(so LibRaw::COLOR(row,col) exposed to C-API users)
* Removed faster lossless jpeg decoder ported from RawSpeed library
some years ago. Build LibRaw with RawSpeed to get fast decoding.
* Fixed decoding error for some Canon sRAW files.
* Disabled RawSpeed's bad pixel processing if RawSpeed used.
* EOS M and EOS 70D added to unique Canon ID table
* Canon EOS model name normalized by unique ID table
* Backported 0.15.4 input data checks
* Support for CMake builds
* Updated RawSpeed supported camera list
* Internals changed, so all code using LibRaw should be recompiled.
* LibRaw 0.16.0-Alpha1
2013-05-23 Alex Tutubalin <>
LibRaw 0.15-Release
New camera/format support:
* Adobe DNG: fast Load DNG (LightRoom 4.x), support for
lossy-compressed DNG (LR 4.x, requires libjpeg 6+)
* Canon: G1 X, SX220 HS, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 650D, EOS 1D-X,
100D (Rebel SL1), 700D (Rebel T5i), 6D, EOS M, G15, S110, SX50
* Casio: EX-ZR100,EX-Z8
* Fujifilm: X-S1, HS30EXR, X1-Pro,X-E1, X20, X100S, SL1000, HS50EXR,
F800EXR, XF1
* Leica: D-LUX6 and V-LUX4
* Nikon: D4, D3200, D800, D800E, 1 J2, 1 V2, D600, 1 J3, 1 S1, Coolpix A,
Coolpix P330, Coolpix P7700, D7100
* Olympus: E-M5, XZ-2, XZ-10, E-PL5, E-PM2
* Panasonic: G5, G6, DMC-GF5, FZ200, GH3, LX7
* Pentax: MX-1, K-5 II, K-5 IIs, K-30, Q10
* Samsung: EX2F, NX20, NX210, support for the new firmware for NX100
* Sigma: SD15, SD1, SD1 Merill, DP1, DP1S, DP1X, DP2, DP2S, DP2X
(only with Demosaic-pack-GPL2)
* Sony: SLT-A58, RX-1, SLT-A99, NEX-5R, NEX-6, NEX-F3, SLT-A37, SLT-A57
* Multishot files: Imacon Ixpress 39Mpix
API changes:
1. dcraw_process() can now be called several times with different parameters
without re-opening and unpacking the file for second and consecutive
calls to dcraw_process
2. deleted (nobody uses those)
- LibRaw::dcraw_document_mode_processing (and respective C-API)
- imgdata.color.color_flags data field
3. LibRaw::unpack() now decodes data into different buffers, the buffer
depends on the raw data type
- imgdata.rawdata.raw_image - 1 color component per pixel,
for b/w and Bayer type sensors
- imgdata.rawdata.color3_image - 3 color components per pixel,
sRAW/mRAW files, RawSpeed decoding
- imgdata.rawdata.color4_image - 4 components per pixel, the 4th
component can be void
4. Support for compiling with RawSpeed library,
details are in README.RawSpeed
5. Suppression of banding
6. New API calls
- recycle_datastream(),
- open_file(wchar_t*) (Win32)
2012-04-05 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Casio EX-Z500 support
* (possible) I/O exceptions on file open catched in open_datastream
* Fixed possible read-after-buffer in Sony ARW2 decoder
* Fixed mingw32 errors when compiling LibRaw_windows_datastream
* Makefile.msvc: support of OpenMP and LCMS (uncomment to use)
* Fixed decoding of some Leaf Aptus II files
* LibRaw 0.14.6-Release
2011-12-24 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed bug (uninitialized variable) in SMAL format decoding.
* Imported new dcraw 9.12 (1.446): support for Leica V-LUX 3,
updated color data for Canon S100, Fujifilm X10, Nikon 1 J1/V1,
Panasonic GX1, Samsung NX200, Sony NEX-7
* LibRaw 0.14.5-Release
2011-12-12 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixes to Panasonic/Leica file parser to prevent crash
on broken jpegs.
* Fixes to include order in src/libraw_datastream.cpp to
better compile with KDEWIN
* Floating-point DNGs are rejected on early processing stage.
* Support for new cameras: Canon S100, Fuji X10, Panasonic GX1,
Samsung NX200, Sony NEX-7.
* LibRaw 0.14.4-Release
2011-10-26 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Bug fixes in black level subtraction code for PhaseOne files
* New API call LibRaw::get_internal_data_pointer() for developers
who need access to libraw_internal_data fields (i.e.
Fuji SuperCCD layout).
* doc/API-overview fixes to reflect 0.14 changes
* LibRaw 0.14.3-Release
2011-10-19 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed bug in Canon 1D and 1Ds files decoding.
* New decoder information bit DECODER_HASRAWCURVE
* LibRaw 0.14.2-Release
2011-10-11 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Imported dcraw 9.11/1.445:
+ Support for new cameras added: Fujifilm F600EXR, Nikon P7100,
Olympus E-PL3 and E-PM1, Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Sony NEX-5N,
A65 and A77.
+ Changed color data for: Olympus E-P3, Panasonic G3 and GF3,
PhaseOne H25, P40 and P65, Sony NEX-C3, NEX-5, NEX-3, A35 and A55.
+ Support for dark frame extraction on Sony cameras.
* DCB demosaicing: reserving 6 pixels instead of 3 to suppress
colored image frame.
* LibRaw 0.14.1-Release
2011-09-21 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Cosmetic changes to make Visual C++/OpenMP more happy
* Fix megapixel calculation for postprocessing_benchmark in half mode
* Shlib version number increment
* LibRaw 0.14.0-Release
2011-09-04 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed bug with Kodak thumbnail extraction
* raw2image_ex() always return value
* LibRaw 0.14.0-Beta2
2011-09-02 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Cosmetic changes to LibRaw_file_datastream interface
* OpenMP speedup of postprocessing steps (up to 50% for
half mode and 4-core machine)
* LibRaw 0.14.0-Beta1
2011-08-20 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Patch to dcraw_emu for SunStudio compiler compatibility
* Fixed crash in unprocessed_raw sample due to uninitialized
timestamp variable.
* Fixed crash in raw decoding if raw_width/raw_height is
less than resulting image width/height.
* imgdata.sizes.flip is set from user_flip only on
postprocessing and/or adjust_sizes_info_only()
* Fixed buffer overrun for some LJPEG-compressed files
* Most of LibRaw_datastream function bodies are moved to
separate source file
* LibRaw_windows_datastream is merged to main sourcetree
* LibRaw 0.14.0-Alpha5
2011-08-11 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Imported dcraw 9.10 (1.444), support for new cameras added:
ARRIRAW format, Canon SX30 IS, Leica D-LUX 5 and V-LUX2,
Olympus E-P3, Panasonic G3 and GF3, Sony NEX-C3 and SLT-A35
* Support for RedOne digital movie cameras (R3D format).
To enable this support you should:
+ install libjasper JPEG2000 support library
+ compile LibRaw with -DUSE_JASPER compiler switch (./configure
will do it for you)
+ If you use own LibRaw_datastream implementation, you should
implement make_jas_stream() call for your datastream. See
bottom of src/libraw_cxx.cpp for implementations in datafile
and mem-buffer LibRaw streams.
* Bugfix: green matching is turned off if output image is shrinked
due to wavelet filtering or aberration correction.
* fixed open_file()/adjust_sizes_info_only() code path
* Removed imgdata.sizes.bottom_margin and right_margin data fields
use imgdata.sizes.raw_width - width - left_margin to get right one,
the same with bottom_margin.
* minor ./configure cleanup
* Qmake files and Visual Studio Project files are updated.
* New version check macros:
For use at runtime checks:
major/minor version numbers are same with compile-time values.
version is not less that compile-time one.
For use at compile-time in preprocessor directives:
LIBRAW_COMPILE_CHECK_VERSION_EXACT(major,minor) - Compile-time
check that LibRaw version is exact major.minor.
check that version is not less than major.minor.
* all client code should be recompiled due to internals change.
* LibRaw 0.14.0-Alpha4
2011-07-19 Alex Tutubalin <>
* New sample samples/postprocessing_benchmark.cpp
This sample measures postprocessing speed.
All demosaic methods, averaged white balance, median
filtering, wavelet filtration, highlight recovery, and
cropping are supported.
* Removed LibRaw::rotate_fuji_raw() call and corresponding C-API call.
* The LibRaw::adjust_sizes_info_only() call may be called repeated
and mixed with dcraw_process() call.
* Postprocessing speedup and optimization, especially if cropping set.
* Cropping works for FujiCCD raws. For the technical reasons, the position
of top-left corner of crop area will be rounded to the nearest
multiple of 4 (the corner is shifted top-left).
* LibRaw 0.14.0-Alpha3
2011-07-15 Alex Tutubalin <>
* imported cropping code from 0.13 branch
2011-07-12 Alex Tutubalin <>
* samples/multirender_test - check for different clip settings
2011-07-11 Alex Tutubalin <>
* New call LibRaw::free_image(), deallocates imgdata.image buffer.
Use this call if current postprocessing results are not
needed, but it is to early to call recycle() because
dcraw_process() may be called later.
* New C-API calls
libraw_raw2image() - C API for LibRaw::raw2image()
libraw_free_image() - C API for LibRaw::free_image()
libraw_get_decoder_info() - C API for LibRaw::get_decoder_info()
* Bugfix: change of params.user_flip aftee open()/unpack()
calls should work.
* LibRaw 0.14.0-Alpha2
2011-07-10 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Multiple rendering (LibRaw::dcraw_process() calls) allowed
without re-opening RAW file thrfough the sequence of open()/unpack()
You should be able to change any processing parameters (except
shot_select parameter) between dcraw_process() calls.
+ New sample in samples/multirender_test.cpp: renders data 4 times:
in half and full modes with different white balance settings.
+ Unprocessed RAW data is stored in separate data buffer:
(2 bytes per pixel for all Bayer-pattern images,
8 bytes per pixel for Foveon, sRAW, and other full-color raw
formats), so now LibRaw uses 25% more memory for full processing of
most common Bayer images; while for just unpack memory is reduced
4 times.
+ New call LibRaw::raw2image() fills imgdata.image array
with fresh copy of data.
There is no need to call raw2image() separately if you use
dcraw_process() or dcraw_document_mode_processing() calls.
+ New call LibRaw::get_decoder_info() to determine raw data
storage layout. See samples/unprocessed_raw.cpp for an example
of how to use it.
If your code uses usual open()/unpack()/dcraw_process() call
sequence, then NOTHING CHANGED: your program should produce same
results. For interactive programs you may skip open()/unpack()
calls after adjusting processing parameters, so user should see
image refreshed much faster.
If your code uses raw data (open+unpack calls), you need to call
LibRaw::raw2image(), and imgdata.image will contain same bitmap
as in LibRaw 0.13.x
If you code uses access to masked borders data, you need to
rewrite it. See samples/unprocessed_raw.cpp as a sample.
Unfortunately, documentation is untouched yet. This problem will be
fixed in next Alpha release.
Other changes:
* No separate imgdata.masked_pixels buffers, Bayer raw formats are read
to buffer with borders. So, no ugly add_masked_border_to_bitmap()
* No filtering_mode parameter. Raw tone curve is applied
at unpack() stage; zero pixels removed on postprocesing stage.
* unprocessed_raw and 4colors samples are adjusted to use
new RAW data storage layout.
* all client code should be recompiled due to internals change.
* LibRaw 0.14.0-Alpha1
2011-07-03 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Cosmetic cleanup in Libraw_memmgr code
* Permit OpenMP support on MS VS2008
* More general mem_image interface:
+ New call get_mem_image_format returns bitmap size and bit depth
+ New call copy_mem_image can copy bitmap into buffer with
different color order (RGB/BGR) and line stride
+ dcraw_make_mem_image() uses calls mentioned above
+ see documentation for info on these function parameters.
* libraw/librawwindows.h implements LibRaw_datastream class based
on Windows memory mapped files.Win32/64-only
Thanks to Linc Brookes.
* Fixed parallel make errors in configure/
* LibRaw 0.13.6-Release
2011-05-18 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Imported new dcraw 9.08/1.443:
+ New color data for Canon 600D and 1100D, Fuji S200EXR
+ New camera supported: Fuji HS20EXR and F550EXR, Kodak Z990,
Nikon D5100, Olympus E-PL1s and XZ-1,
Samsung NX11, Sony A230 and 290.
* LibRaw 0.13.5-Release
2011-04-02 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Imported new dcraw 9.07/1.442:
+ Support for Canon 600D and 1100D, Hasselblad H4D-60,
Olympus E-PL2
* Color data for Leaf Aptus II and Canon Powershot S2 IS
* LibRaw 0.13.4-Release
2011-03-30 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Preliminary support for Leaf Aptus II cameras (no color data yet):
Leaf Aptus II 6,7,8,10 and 12 are tested, Aptus II 5 should work.
* Preliminary support for Fujifilm X100 camera (again, no color data).
* Fixed possible after the end of buffer read when working with
in-memory data.
* Fixed possible loss of JPEG stream sync marks in LJPEG decoder
(this bug was found only for Leaf Aptus II RAWs).
* LibRaw 0.13.3-Release
2011-03-08 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed broken camera white balance reading for some Sony cameras
* LibRaw 0.13.2-Release
2011-02-25 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Sony A390 support (colordata from A380)
* Leica D-LUX 4: fixed typo in camera name in colordata
2011-02-15 Alex Tutubalin <>
* New -mem option for dcraw_emu: I/O via allocated buffer
* Removed debug printf from LibRaw_memory_buffer code
* Preliminary shared library support
2011-02-12 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Added qmake .pro and Visual Studio 2008 sln/vcproj project files
2011-02-07 Alex Tutubalin <>
* dcraw_emu documentation updated
* ./configure stuff changed for correct linking on some systems
* FBDD denoising is disabled for full-color images and 4-color bayer
data (including forced 4-color via four_color_rgb option)
* LibRaw 0.13.1-Release
2011-02-05 Alex Tutubalin <>
* ./configure fixes for PACKAGE_REQUIRES
* Makefile.msvc: correct compiler flags for demosaic packs
* dcraw.c 9.06/1.440 imported:
+ New camera support: Canon S95, Casio EX-Z1080, Panasonic GF2
and GH2, Samsung NX100, Sony A-580
+ New color data for: Canon G12, Nikon D3100, D7000 and P7000,
Olympus E-5, Pentax K-r and K-5, Samsung NX10 and WB2000
* green_matching() code is disabled for half-size processing
* LibRaw 0.13.0-Release
2011-01-15 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fallback to old huffman decoder for Sony files with unspecified
data length (Sony A100)
* Fixed incomplete data fields reset in LibRaw::recycle()
* LibRaw 0.13.0-Beta3
2011-01-13 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Better parsing of unknown command-line params in dcraw_emu sample
* Brigtness table in ahd_demosaic is calculated in reversed order
to prevent possible (very unlikely) multithreaded app problem.
* New exposure correction code based on linear-cubic root combination.
New working correction range is from 0.25 (-2 stops) to 8 (+3 stops)
* LibRaw 0.13.0-Beta2
2011-01-10 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed file extension in half_mt.c sample
2011-01-10 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Three patches provided by Jacques Desmis:
- Exposure correction before demosaic (demosaic pack GPL3)
- OpenMP speed-up in median filters (demosaic pack GPL2)
- OpenMP speed-up in green equilibration (demosaic pack GPL3)
* Merged 0.12.2-0.12.3 changes:
- Patches for ./configure system for better LCMS2 support
- Patches for ./configure system
- math.h included before any other includes to make KDE compile
with Visual C++ happy
- Fuji FinePix S5500 size adjusted to ignore (rare?) garbage
at top of frame.
* all client code should be recompiled due to internals change.
* LibRaw 0.13.0-Beta1
2010-12-22 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Zero copy huffman buffer for LibRaw_buffer_datastream
* Fixed memory leak in compressed NEFs handling
* LibRaw 0.13.0-Alpha2
2010-12-20 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Demosaic-pack-GPL3 changes:
+ New noise reduction methods before demosaic
- Banding suppression
- High-frequency noise suppression
- Green channel equalization
+ New chromatic abberration correction.
All three methods are written by Emil Martinec for Raw Therapee.
Adapted to LibRaw by Jacques Desmis
* Merged Foveon code fix from LibRaw 0.12.1
* LJPEG decompressor speed-up (about 1.5 times for Canon cameras
and slightly less for others). Some ideas are from RawSpeed library.
* all client code should be recompiled due to internals change.
* LibRaw 0.13.0-Alpha1
2010-12-12 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Thread-safe and demosaic packs support for MinGW build
* Demosaic packs support for MS VC build
* LibRaw 0.12.0-Release
2010-12-09 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed bug in add_masked_borders_to_bitmap() call for cameras
with odd pixels border.
* New command line options for unprocessed_raw sample:
-B - subtract black level, -M - add masked pixels to bitmap.
* Foveon-sensor cameras added to supported camera list if
compiled with demosaic pack GPL2
* LibRaw 0.12.0-Beta4
2010-12-05 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Demosaic packs support in Makefile.dist
* Foveon support in LibRaw demosaic pack GPL2
* all client code should be recompiled due to internals change.
* LibRaw 0.12.0-Beta3
2010-11-27 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed allocation bug in lmmse_interpolation (demosaic-pack-GPL2)
* In LMMSE and AMaZE interpolators allocation changed to calloc
to make valgrind happy with uninitialized values
* Changes in distribution-making scripts
* LibRaw 0.12.0-Beta2
2010-11-21 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixes to green_matching code by Sergey Pavlov
2010-11-20 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Update for new demosaic-pack-GPL3
* LibRaw 0.12.0-Beta1
2010-11-19 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Demosaic pack(s) supported via ./configure
2010-11-17 Alex Tutubalin <>
* LCMS2 support
* afd_interpolate(2,1) instead of (5,0)
* dcraw_emu sample command line keys added and reordered
to reflect changes in LibRaw 0.12.
* Nikon P7000: color matrix data and black level patch for ISO >=400
Thanks to Gunnar Thorburn
* Support for several industrial cameras based on Sony ICX 625/655
sensor: JAI BB500CL/GE, SVS625CL, ptGrey GRAS-50S5C
Thanks to kaare
2010-11-15 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Several demosaic algorithms, found in other open-source RAW processing
packages are implemented in LibRaw.
1) DCB demosaic and FBDD denoise by Jacek Gozdz are included in
main LibRaw source.
2) GPL2 demosaic pack with these demosaic methods:
* AFD and LMMSE implementations from PerfectRaw by Manuel Llorens
* VCD, Modified AHD, post-demosaic refinemend and median
filters by Paul Lee
3) GPL3 demosaic pack with AMaZe interpolation by Emil Martinec
See more details in README.demosaic-packs
* Current implementation of dcraw_emu sample allows only selection
of demosaic method (via -q) options. All other parameters change
will be implemented later.
* LibRaw 0.12-alpha1
2010-11-11 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Imported 0.11(2) version changes:
+ Fixed dcraw_emu command line processing code
+ OpenMP is completely disabled on MacOS X if compiled with -pthread
due to well-known MacOS problem.
+ dcraw 9.05 (1.439) imported, many new cameras supported:
Canon: G12, SX120, 60D,
Hasselblad H4D, Nokia X2, Olympus E-5,
Nikon: D3100, D7000, P7000,
Panasonic: FZ40, FZ100, LX5,
Pentax: K-r, K-5, 645D,
Samsung GX20, WB2000
* LibRaw 0.12-alpha0
2010-11-08 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixes for Sun Studio compiler compatibility
* Fixes for Visual Studio 2010 compatibility
* All russian-language files are converted to UTF-8
* LibRaw 0.11.0-Release
2010-10-18 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Disabled OpenMP for wavelet_denoise under Mac OS X
* More Visual C++ 2003 warnings cleaned in libraw/*h files
* LibRaw 0.11-Beta7
2010-10-16 Alex Tutubalin <>
* internal/dcraw_fileio.c can be compiled with -DDCRAW_VERBOSE again
* fixed comment style in libraw_datastream.h
* LibRaw 0.11-Beta6
2010-10-15 Alex Tutubalin <>
* New changes to I/O layer. Three LibRaw_*datastream clasees are
+ LibRaw_buffer_datastream - buffer reaging
+ LibRaw_file_datastream - file reading using iostreams
(large files are no supported on some systems)
+ LibRaw_bigfile_datastream - FILE*-based file I/O
* file/bigfile_datastream is selected automatically by
LibRaw::open_file based on input file size.
By default, files larger than 250Mb are opened using
bigfile interface, you may change this behaviour
by using second optional parameter of open_file()
* There is no way to use default parameter values in C API,
so new call libraw_open_file_ex added with two parameters
(file name and minimal file size for bigfile_datastream use).
* all client code should be recompiled due to internals change.
* All LibRaw_abstract_datastream functions are virtual again. You may
(again) use your own I/O layer.
* new -d key for dcraw_emu sample: print timings of processing stages
* simple_dcraw sample simplified: no mmap code
* LibRaw 0.11-Beta5
2010-10-08 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed bug in exception handling in OpenMP sections in
AHD interpolation code.
* LibRaw_datastreams are now C++ iostreams based instead of old
plain FILE* calls.
LibRaw::open_file() in multithreaded programs are WAY faster
on many OSes (Linux, Windows, MacOSX) because of no extra locks.
* all client code should be recompiled due to internals change.
* LibRaw 0.11-Beta4
2010-10-01 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed bug in LibRaw::dcraw_process() code: for half_size
processing, params.four_color_rgb was set to 1 internally
and not returned back after postprocessing.
* Several Visual Studio 2003 compatibility fixes
* AHD interpolation refactored. Now it is about 10% faster than
dcraw in single-process mode and up to 1.5 times faster on
4-core and OpenMP (total execution time counted, not AHD itself)
Thanks to Adam Hooper
* AHD interpolation refactored. Now it is about 10% faster than
dcraw in single-process mode and up to 1.5 times faster on
4-core and OpenMP (total execution time counted, not AHD itself)
Thanks to Adam Hooper
* LibRaw 0.11-Beta3
2010-09-07 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Phase One files: LibRaw::unpack() sets to
approximately correct value.
* Fixed minor error in setting colordata.maximum value
for Phase One files.
* LibRaw::subtract_black() sets and
colordata.cblack[] to zero to preserve data integrity.
* LibRaw 0.11-Beta2
2010-09-04 Alex Tutubalin <>
* It is now possible to crop output image on postprocessing
stage (dcraw_process). Coordinates and size of the output box
are set via imgdata.params.cropbox[4] parameter. Look into
LibRaw documentation for more details.
+ New fatal error code LIBRAW_BAD_CROP
+ New dcraw_emu sample command line switch: -B x y w h
(sets cropbox)
Thanks to Patrick and Jan.
* Processing pipeline has changed: the black level is subtracted
from data on postprocessing stage either automatically
(on dcraw_process() stage) or by special LibRaw API call:
+ New API calls: LibRaw::subtract_black() (C++ API) and
libraw_subtract_black (C API).
If you use dcraw_process() or dcraw_document_mode_processing()
calls YOU DON'T NEED to call subtract_black() directly.
+ The raw preprocessing mode LIBRAW_FILTERING_NOBLACKS
is deprecated and removed from LibRaw.
* New ./configure script.
Use ./configure -h for usage details.
Thanks to Siddhesh Poyarekar
* New API cals static LibRaw::dcraw_clear_mem() (C++ API)
and libraw_dcraw_clear_mem(..) (C API).
This calls are used to free memory, allocated by
dcraw_make_mem_image() and dcraw_make_mem_thumb() instead
of free() call.
In some cases LibRaw and calling process have different
memory managers, so free() of make_mem_image() data
results to program crash (especially in Win32/VisualStudio
* LibRaw::free() is now private instead of public (again).
* Minor changes and bugfixes:
+ Memory allocation exceptions (std::bad_alloc) are caught,
so LibRaw API calls will return reasonable error codes
instead of C++ exception (possibly unhandled).
This problem is very unlikely to see in wild: if application
cannot allocate small data for internal structure, it will
always fail on allocation for RAW image data.
+ WIN32/VisualStudio 2008/2010: fopen,fscanf and sscanf calls
in Libraw_datastream code are changed to *_s (secure) ones.
+ Debug print removed from fatal error handler.
+ Mmaped I/O for dcraw_emu sample is turned on via -E switch
now (because old -B switch is used for settng cropbox).
* all client code should be recompiled due to structures size change
* LibRaw 0.11-Beta1
2010-07-31 Alex Tutubalin <>
* dcraw 9.04 (1.438) imported: changes in tiff metadata parser,
fixed a typo in Canon A720 model name
* small patch in Sony ARW2 unpacking code to make valgrind happy
* LibRaw 0.10.0-Beta3.
2010-07-05 Alex Tutubalin <>
* dcraw 9.03 (1.437) imported:
+ New cameras: Canon SX20, Nikon D3s, Olympus E-P2, Panasoni DMC-GF1,
Samsung EX1, Sony A450
+ Color data changed for some cameras
* LibRaw 0.10.0-Beta2.
2010-06-06 Alex Tutubalin <>
* dcraw 9.01 (1.434) imported:
+ Separate black levels for each color channel.
+ New cameras: Canon 550D, Casio EX-Z1050, Fuji HS10/HS11,
Kodak Z981, Panasonic G2 and G10, Phase One P65,
Samsung NX-10 and WB550, Sony NEX-3 and NEX-5.
+ Fixed file descriptor leak in dark frame subtraction processing
* Fixed dcraw 9.01's bug in DNG black level processing
* Preliminary support for Sony A450 camera.
* New command-line switch -h in mem_image sample (half_size support)
* Some patches by Johannes Hanika (darktable author):
+ OpenMP speedup for PPG-interpolation
+ green_matching - suppress of 'color maze' on cameras with
different green channel sensitivity. This option is turns on
by filed with same name in imgdata.params
* all client code should be recompiled due to structures size
* LibRaw::free() is now public instead of private.
* LibRaw 0.10.0-Beta1.
2010-05-15 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed bug in 8-bit RAW processing code
* LibRaw 0.9.1-Release
2010-04-26 Alex Tutubalin <>
* OpenMP support: OpenMP is possible under MinGW (untested)
* LibRaw 0.9.0-Release
2010-04-21 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Finally fixed inconsistency in Fuji files processing
* New COLOR(row,col) call to get bayer color index in image[] array
* Old FC() call is deprecated and will be removed in future releases
* unprocessed_raw sample switched to COLOR() call
* LibRaw 0.9.0-Beta5
2010-04-10 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed bug in unpacking DNG files made from Fuji RAFs.
* LibRaw 0.9.0-Beta4
2010-04-09 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed typecast error (problem reported only on gcc 4.2.1/32bit)
in CRW files processing.
* C++ API call LibRaw::adjust_maximum() is now deprecated and
de-documented, use params.adjust_maximum_thr instead (on by default)
* C-API call libraw_adjust_maximum() removed.
* New postprocessing parameter params.adjust_maximum_thr
This parameter replaces LibRaw::adjust_maximum(), but more flexible
Defaults are reasonable (0.75, same as in old adjust_maximum),
look into documentation for more details.
* Removed last OpenMP warning
* dcraw_emu's -c parameter now wants numeric (float) argument. This value
is assigned to params.adjust_maximum_thr.
Use -c 0.0 for dcraw compatibility.
* all client code should be recompiled due to structures size
* LibRaw 0.9.0-Beta3
2010-03-29 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed a bug in channel_maximum[] calculation for
Panasonic cameras.
* channel_maximum[] data now calculated for ALL cameras.
* OpenMP warnings suppressed.
* Documented the -c command-line switch for dcraw_emu sample.
* Removed extra messages from dcraw_emu sample.
* LibRaw 0.9.0-Beta2
2010-03-28 Alex Tutubalin <>
New licensing:
* Triple licensing (selected by LibRaw user):
+ LGPL 2.1 (
+ CDDL 1.0 (
+ LibRaw Software License (27 March 2010 version)
* There is no separate LibRaw-Lite and LibRaw-Commercial versions,
only single LibRaw.
Current LibRaw-Lite and LibRaw-Commercial users should switch
to LibRaw without loss of functionality.
It is possible to change licensig too (e.g. from LGPL to CDDL
for LibRaw-Lite users and from LibRaw License to LGPL or CDDL
for LibRaw-Commercial users).
* No Foveon support :(
It is not possible to get good color from Foveon sensors with
*any* converter. So, there is no need to support these cameras.
Dcraw's Foveon-processing code is too strict licensed (GPL),
so we choose to drop it.
New Features:
* New data field colordata.channel_maximum[4] - per channel data
maximum (calculated for most cameras, 0 for others).
* New call LibRaw::adjust_maximum() (and libraw_adjust_maximum() in C API).
This call changes hardcoded colordata.maximum value to calculated
at unpack stage. This helps suppress false color in highlights
(magenta clouds and so).
* New command line parameter -c for dcraw_emu sample. Calls adjust_maximum()
for each processed file.
* all client code should be recompiled due to structures size
* LibRaw 0.9.0-Beta1
2010-02-06 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed ambiguity in pow/sqrt calls (to make Sun C++ compiler happy)
* OpenMP is not supported under MS Visual Studio
* Masked a bug in RIFF format parser
* LibRaw 0.8.6
2009-12-30 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed bug in simple_dcraw sample parameters processing
* Imported dcraw 8.99 (1.432):
+ New cameras: Canon: 1D mk IV, Canon S90; Casio Z750,
Nikon D3S, Pentax K-x, Sony A-500/550, Fuji S200EXR
+ New color data for Canon G11 and Sony A850
+ Changes in Canon sRAW processing
+ Changes in Kodak metadata processing
+ Changes in uncompressed Fuji files processing (FinePix S5xxx)
* LibRaw 0.8.5
2009-11-21 Alex Tutubalin <>
+ Fixed a bug in processing of uncompressed Phase One files
* LibRaw 0.8.4
2009-10-24 Alex Tutubalin <>
+ Imported dcraw 8.98/1.431:
* New Cameras: Canon 7D, Panasonic GF1, Sony A850 and A380,
Casio Z850, Nikon D300s
+ changes in libraw_datastream.h to make compilers more happy
* LibRaw 0.8.3
2009-09-02 Alex Tutubalin <>
+ Fixed bug in Hasselblad .3FR unpacking code
* Imported dcraw 8.97/1.428: Nikon D3000 image width fix
* LibRaw 0.8.2
2009-08-31 Alex Tutubalin <>
+ Enum LibRaw_thumbnail_formats (LIBRAW_IMAGE_*) values changed to
match values in enum LibRaw_image_formats (LIBRAW_THUMBNAIL_*).
You need to recompile all sources using these constants.
2009-08-30 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Imported dcraw 8.97/1.427:
+ new cameras: Canon A470, Canon G11 (without color data),
Nikon D3000, Olympus E-P1, Panasonic DMC-FZ35/FZ38
+ some changes in decoding code.
* Fixes for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 compatibility
* C-API dcraw_make_mem_thumb() call finally exported in API
* LibRaw 0.8.1
2009-08-24 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Imported dcraw 8.96/1.426
+ New cameras: Casio EX-Z60 and EX-Z75, Kodak Z980,
Nikon D5000, Olympus X200, D560Z,C350Z,E620,
Pentax K7, Sony A330.
+ New color data for many cameras
+ Generalized unpacker code for Canon and Casio P&S cameras
* LibRaw 0.8.0-Release
2009-08-13 Alex Tutubalin <>
* RAW files larger than 2Gb are supported on:
- Unix (all supported: FreeBSD, MacOS X, Linux)
- Windows (with C runtime version >= 8.0)
* bzero replaced with memset to make Solaris users happy
* All applications on 32-bit systems should be recompiled
due to data structures size changes.
* Minor fixes in windows makefile
* LibRaw 0.8.0-Beta5
2009-07-21 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Imported dcraw 8.95 (1.425):
+ new huffman tree code
+ New cameras supported: AGFAPHOTO DC-833m, Casio EX-S20,
Phase One P65, Samsung S850
+ Removed hardcoded white-balance data for many P&S cameras.
It is recommended to set params.use_camera_wb to 1 for
safe WB.
* Fixes for Nikon D5000 files: no pink stripe at
right side of frame
* C-wrapper: added missed calls
libraw_dcraw_ make_mem_thumb
* Minor fixes to make non-gcc compilers more happy
* Internal structures changed, full recompilation of all client
code is needed.
* LibRaw 0.8.0-Beta4
2009-06-08 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixes: gamma curve processing was not performed in
* Fixes: gamma curve processing was not performed for
Kodak thumbnails
* LibRaw 0.8.0-Beta3
2009-06-05 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixes in documentation: params.gamm[] described more precisely
* Fixes in version number, 0.8-beta1 was mistakenly 0.0.0-beta1
* LibRaw 0.8.0-Beta2
2009-06-04 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Imported dcraw 8.94 (1.423):
+ New camera support:
Canon: SX1, 500D/Rebel T1i, A570, A590, SX110
Kodak Z1015, Motorola PIXL, Olympus E30, Panasonic DMC-GH1
+ Improved color data for Nikon D3X
+ New gamma curve model
+ Many changes in RAW unpacking code
+ Canon cameras: black level is not subtracted if set
params.document_mode > 1
* API changed: params.gamma_16bit field removed. Gamma curve is
set via params.gamm[0]/gamm[1] values (see documentation and
samples for details)
* LibRaw::identify() splitted to avoid MS VS2008 bug (too many
nested blocks)
* Samples: dcraw_emu and mem_image samples supports new dcraw
16bit/gamma semantics:
-6: set 16 bit output
-4: set 16 bit output and linear gamma curve and no auto
* LibRaw 0.8.0-Beta1
2009-04-28 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Identify sample renamed to raw-identify (name conflict
with ImageMagic)
* Copyright notice changes
* Many compiler warnings removed
2009-04-07 Alex Tutubalin <>
* More accurate types conversion in libraw_datastream.h
* New postprocessing parameter auto_bright_thr: set portion of
clipped pixels for auto brightening code (instead of
dcraw-derived hardcoded 1%)
* -U option for dcraw_emu sample sets auto_bright_thr parameter
* all client code should be recompiled due to structures size
* LibRaw 0.7.2-Release
2009-03-22 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed typo in OpenMP support code
* MinGW support
* dcraw source is included in distribution
* LibRaw 0.7.1-Release
2009-03-15 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fuji SuperCCD RAWs: color channels unshuffled on RAW
read stage (moved from postprocessing stage)
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Release
2009-03-13 Alex Tutubalin <>
* dcraw 8.93/1.421 imported:
+ more accurate pentax dSLR support
+ fixes in Kodak 620x/720x identification
+ faster identification procedure for some formats.
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Beta5
2009-03-08 Alex Tutubalin <>
* dcraw 8.92/1.420 imported:
+ user-specified gamma curve
+ Pentax K2000/Km support
+ Changes in Canon sRAW processing (support for 5D2 fw 1.07)
* all client code should be recompiled
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Beta4
2009-02-13 Alex Tutubalin <>
* bugfix: 4channels sample finally subtracts black by default
* dcraw 8.91/1.419 imported:
+ fixes in RIFF files parsing
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Beta3
2009-02-12 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Black level was not calculated for Canon RAWs in
some filtering modes
* 4channels sample prints calculated black level
(scaled if autoscaling used).
Also output file names for this sample now includes
color channel name (R/G/B/G2 or C/M/Y/G)
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Beta2
2009-02-09 Alex Tutubalin <>
* New sample 4channels: splits RAW color channels into four
separate TIFFs
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Beta1
2009-02-07 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed bug in external jpeg metadata reading code.
* Cleaned some C++ warnings
* dcraw 8.91/1.418 imported
+ Hasselblad V96C support
* You need to clean and recompile client code which
uses LibRaw_*_datastream classes.
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Alpha6
2009-01-30 Alex Tutubalin <>
* New data input framework is created. It is possible now to
easyly implement your own data input interface for LibRaw
(e.g. for reading RAW data from network data stream)
* All older programs using previous LibRaw versions are
compatible at source code level.
* LibRaw can read RAW data from memory buffer via
new LibRaw::open_buffer() API call (implemented on top of
new input framework).
This call used in sample application dcraw_emu and simple_dcraw
(with -B command-line switch) to test new API.
* Error handling callback functions now can be called with
NULL filename passed (if underlying data stream object
does not know file name).
So, client error handling callbacks should work with NULL
* All client code should be recompiled
* Imported dcraw 8.90/1.417:
+ Support for loading White Balance data from
Sony ARW files edited with Sony IDC software.
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Alpha5
2009-01-17 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Raw filtering mode LIBRAW_FILTERING_NOPOSTPROCESS has renamed
to LIBRAW_FILTERING_NORAWCURVE for better reflect its purpose.
This filtering_mode bit turns off tone curve applying on
RAW data on bayer-pattern cameras with raw tone curve:
+ Adobe DNG (only RAW with bayer pattern)
+ Nikon compressed NEF
+ Some Kodak cameras
+ Sony A700/A900 (tone curve applied to 8-bit raws)
* unprocessed_raw sample: added command-line key -N, this key
turns on LIBRAW_FILTERING_NORAWCURVE filtering mode.
* New scheme of Fuji RAW processing (introduced in 0.7-Alpha3)
supports DNG files generated from Fuji RAF.
* Imported dcraw 8.90/1.416:
+ better support for Samsung S85
+ fixed possible integer overflow in wavelet denoising code
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Alpha4
2009-01-14 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Black mask extraction supported for all files with bayer data
(one component per pixel). Black mask data not avaliable
for multi-component data (Foveon, Canon sRAW, Sinar 4-shot,
Kodak YCC/YRGB).
* Black level subtraction can be turned off for all bayer
cameras (added support for PhaseOne backs).
* Fujifilm camera processing model changed:
+ RAW data is extracted without 45-degree rotation
+ dcraw-compatible rotation is performed on postptocessing stage
+ it is possible to rotate RAW data without postprocessing
by LibRaw::rotate_fuji_raw() call.
* New filtering mode setting: LIBRAW_FILTERING_NOPOSTPROCESS
This bits turns off RAW tone curve processing based on tone curve
readed from RAW metadata.
This mode supported only for PhaseOne backs now (to be supported
on all relevant cameras in nearest future releases)
* Black level data (got from RAW data) are stored for PhaseOne backs.
* Black level subtraction bug (derived from dcraw) fixed
for PhaseOne files.
* Fixed processing of -s parameter for dcraw_emu sample
* Parameter -s N (select shot number) added to
unprocessed_raw sample.
* Imported dcraw 8.90/1.414:
+ changes in QuickTake 100 metadata processing
+ changes in external jpeg processing code
+ Samsung S85 support
* All client code should be recompiled
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Alpha3 released
2009-01-10 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed bug in add_masked_borders: crash if output dimensions
is already larger than raw dimensions
* Fixed out of bounds in samples/unprocessed_raw.cpp for files
with non-square pixels
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Alpha2 released
2009-01-08 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed bug in 0.7.0-a0: black frame size has not reset,
so in batch processing there is an error in black frame
size for files without black frame.
* Implemented reading of black/masked pixels data for
near all cameras with masked pixels, exclding:
+ Canon sRAW, Leaf (MOS), Sinar 4-shot - more than one
color component in black frame (redesign of black frame
data structures required).
+ Fuji SuperCCD: need to design right methods of extraction
(should we rotate and resize black pixels as active ones??)
* Tested for most dSLR data formats with masked pixels: 7 of 9
untested formats are from old P&S cameras.
* New call LibRaw::unpack_function_name() returns unpack function name
(useful for testers only)
* New identify sample parameters (useful for test-suite builders
to check test coverage):
-u - print unpack function name
-f - print masked frame size
These parameters works only for identify run without -v parameter
* Imported dcraw 8.89/1.411
+ changes in Panasonic FZ50 files parsing
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Alpha1 released
2009-01-05 Alex Tutubalin <>
* It is possible to turn off RAW data filtration (black level
subtraction, zero pixels averaging):
+ supported on all cameras except Foveon and Phase One
+ filtraction controlled by new parameter "filtering_mode"
+ it is possible to expand API by filtering procedures
built for specific camera model.
* Black border (masked pixels) extraction:
+ API (data structures) for storing black mask.
+ Black mask extraction supported only for limited list of
data formats:
- Canon .CRW, .CR2 (with exception of sRAW),A600, A5
- Adobe DNG (both converted RAW and native DNG)
- Nikon NEF (compressed only)
this list to be expanded in future LibRaw versions
* New call add_masked_borders_to_bitmap makes full bitmap
'masked border' + image
* Usage sample for functionality listed above:
* Imported dcraw 8.89/1.410:
+ fixed bugs in Hasselblad .fff decoding
+ fixes in Imacon metadata decoding
* Documentation changes
* All client code should be recompiled
* LibRaw 0.7.0-Alpha0
2009-01-01 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Fixed a bug (filedescriptor and buffer memory leak) in thumbnail
extraction when called before metadata analysis.
Thanks to Albert Astalis Cid.
* LibRaw 0.6.4 Release
2008-12-11 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Imported new edition of dcraw 8.89 (version 1.409)
* Nikon NEF decoding changed
* LibRaw 0.6.3 Release
2008-12-03 Alex Tutubalin <>
* fixed bug in Panasonic .RW2 processing (only for thread-safe version,
single-threaded version was not affected)
* All client code should be recompiled
* LibRaw 0.6.2 Release
2008-12-03 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Imported dcraw 8.89 (version 1.407)
* New cameras:
Canon G10 & 5D Mk2, Leaf AFi 7, Leica D-LUX4, Panasonic FX150 & G1,
Fujifilm IS Pro,
* Changed camera support (color conversion tables):
Canon 50D, Nikon D90 & P6000, Panasonic LX3 & FZ28, Sony A900
* LibRaw 0.6.2 beta
2008-09-25 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Added new data field float LibRaw::imgdata.color.cam_xyz[4][3].
This field contains constant table (different for each camera) for
Camera RGB->XYZ conversion.
* All client code should be recompiled
* LibRaw 0.6.1 Release
2008-09-18 Alex Tutubalin <>
* dcraw 8.88 imported:
- new cameras (Canon 50D, Sony A900, Nikon D90 & P6000,
Panasonic LX3 FZ28)
- new method of black point subtraction for Canon cameras,
preliminary banding supression.
* Stack memory usage lowered (some thread data moved to dynamic
* some patches for MSVC compatibility
* LibRaw 0.6.0 Release
2008-09-16 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Enum definitions changed to make gcc -pedantic happy
* Compiler/preprocessor flags does not affects LibRaw class field set
(i.e. structure for thread local storage is always allocated)
* Default library compilation mode (i.e. sources imported in another
project) is thread-safe
2008-09-14 Alex Tutubalin <>
* OpenMP support for most CPU consuming steps of processing:
ahd_interpolation. wavelet_denoise
10-30% speed-up of full processing pipe on 2-core CPU
OpenMP supported only on gcc (Linux/FreeBSD and Mac OS X)
* LibRaw 0.6.0-Beta-1
2008-09-10 Alex Tutubalin <>
* All set_**handler accepts additional void* pointer, which should point to
callback private data. This pointer passed to user callback when it called.
* LibRaw 0.6.0-alpha5
* All client code should be recompiled
2008-09-10 Alex Tutubalin <>
* New processing stages in enum LibRaw_progress:
(reserved stages LIBRAW_PROGRESS_RESERVED_PRE1-PRE2 has removed)
* libraw_strprogress() - convert progress code into string
* Added progress/cancellation user callbacks
+ new fatal error code: CANCELLED_BY_CALLBACK
+ sample usage in samples/dcraw_emu.cpp (try run it with -v -v -v opts)
* LibRaw 0.6.0-alpha4
* All client code should be recompiled
2008-09-08 Alex Tutubalin <>
* ICC-profiles support (same as in dcraw)
+ input/output profiles (specified as path to 'icc' file or 'embed' for
embedded input profile)
+ additional warnings
+ LCMS library used
* support of bad pixel map (caller should specify path to bad pixel file
in dcraw-compatible format)
* dark frame subtraction support (caller should supply path to 16-bit PGM
map). samples/simple_dcraw.cpp - -4 option added for dark frame file
* support of bad pixeld map (dcraw-compatible format)
* the dcraw_emu sample supports all new features (ICC, dark frame, bad
* libraw/libraw_version.h, defines, calls and macros for version checks:
+ LibRaw::version(), LibRaw::versionNumber(), LIBRAW_CHECK_VERSION()
* List of supported cameras:
+ LibRaw::cameraCount()
+ LibRaw::cameraList()
* fixed error in adjust_sizes_info_only
* documentation changes
* LibRaw 0.6.0-alpha3
2008-09-07 Alex Tutubalin <>
* samples/mem_image.c - bitwise equal output with dcraw -4
(PPMs outputted with network byte order)
* LibRaw 0.6.0-alpha2
2008-09-06 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Added calls dcraw_make_mem_image and dcraw_make_mem_image:
+ functions (and supporting code)
+ documentation changed
+ new sample code samples/mem_image.cpp
* Added processing parameter LibRaw::imgdata.params.gamma_16bit
(set to 1 to make gamma correction for 16-bit output)
* LibRaw 0.6.0-alpha1
2008-08-28 Alex Tutubalin <>
* dcraw 1.404 (8.87) imported:
- 6 new cameras supported (Canon 1000D, A720, SD300;
Nikon D700, Oly E-520,Kodak C603)
* Licensing changed to GPL v2
2008-05-02 Alex Tutubalin <>
* mmap/malloc+read IO-layer removed due to no performance gain.
FILE I/O returned
2008-05-02 Alex Tutubalin <>
* dcraw 1.403 imported
- changes in ljpeg decompression (index values cut to 12 bit)
- changes in parse_foveon() jpeg thumbnail extraction
* LibRaw 0.5.3 released
2008-04-24 Alex Tutubalin <>
* Linux build of samples/identify fixed
* documentation editorial
* LibRaw 0.5.2 released
2008-04-21 Alex Tutubalin <>
* All documentation translated to English
* English changelog started :)
* minor bug (include path) fixed in samples/half_mt
* LibRaw 0.5.1 released
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