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LibUsbDotNet is a .NET C# USB library for WinUsb, libusb-win32, and Linux libusb v1.x developers. All basic USB device functionality can be performed through common device classes allowing you to write OS and driver independent code.

  • LibUsbDotNet versions 2.2.4 and above support the Libusb-1.0 driver.
  • LibUsbDotNet 2.1.0 and above supports the genuine libusb-win32 driver package. However, access to basic device information via the windows registry is not available. See the LegacyUsbRegistry class for more information.


  • Full support for WinUSB. All WinUSB interfaces are treated as separate devices; each interface can be used by a different application.
  • Extended kernel level support for libusb-win32.
  • Supports Unix-like operating systems using Mono .NET and libusb-1.0.
  • Common device classes allow for a single code base to support multiple drivers and platforms.
  • Includes a Usb InfWizard utility (Windows only) for generating usb installation packages, removing devices, and installing drivers.
  • Device discovery using any or all of the folowing criteria:
    • VendorID
    • ProductID
    • Revision Code
    • Serial Number
    • Device Interface GUID

Source package includes many small example applications.

Linux users

If you have installed libusb-1.0 and you still have an error about loading library, it may be needed to make a symlink to allow runtime load the library.

First, find the location of the library. For example : sudo find / -name "libusb-1.0*.so*" can give you :


Then go to the directory, and make the symlink. it should match the library name, with extension (.so) without version :

cd /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
sudo ln -s


My updates to LibUsbDotNet, an excellent library for cross-platform USB device control using Mono/.NET




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