You've all seen one of these before. This one is mine.
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scripts Moved md2pdf to a script Dec 9, 2016
vim Update Submodules Oct 24, 2016
.gitignore Moved most used colours to first 7 cterm positions, updated most ever… Apr 20, 2013
.gitmodules Julia-vim submodule May 16, 2015 Removed old colour data Nov 9, 2013
bash_profile source profile additions before bashrc May 5, 2013
dir_colors Added job colours Apr 11, 2013
latexmkrc Moved latexmkrc to a general system file Apr 7, 2016
tmux.conf Added all current files Apr 1, 2013
vimrc Multiple Jnana additions Jan 6, 2016


Various configuration files my linux set-ups.


Clone this repository anywhere you like (I use ~/.dotfiles), then run: git submodule update --init --recursive to update submodules. Run to symlink the appropreate stuff. Be sure to modify this file if you don't use ~/.dotfiles


  • Modularise this puppy so that my main config sits in the master branch, then submodules load in for specific machine additions (or something like that).
  • Most of .bash_profile is for Soma only - move into local module
  • Move dvorak keybindings to submodule or check if keymap is dvorak before applying them
  • Fenchurch's dir_colours is massive compared to Soma's. Check if any of it is wanted before killing it off
  • Switch to 256 colours if loggin in externally to Soma
  • Look in to putty colour overrides.
  • Move Xdefaults to Xresources
  • Really not a fan of the hybrid color scheme, molokai is nice, but too bright. Need a new one. [Now using αποκλίνων]
  • Fork vim-markdown [Added liquid submodule instead, may need to add a few more Octopress markups]
  • Fix answerback for urxvt [Increased read length to 7. Update Putty answerback to "ApokPuT"]
  • Get dir_colours in order
  • dir_colors does not need a separate legacy file, if seding out the offending lines and passing the result to dircolors works
  • {vim} needs better tab management
  • {vim} rewrite keyboard layout functions to clear both non standard layouts to switch to qwerty, then call other n-s clear function before activating current
  • {vim} Vayu is having a spasm with some form of error when saving in vim. Check that out...
  • put Soma above FUCKUP in .ssh/config on all machines
  • {getClientHost} Reverse dns for hosts that cannot be found in config [partially done]
  • {getClientHost} raverse ssh chain to origin (ie, if tunneling through a gateway machine, we need to find the origin) [completed to one hop (not n)] {Also got around these using callbacks}