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This repository packages the libgit2 native library for the Racket package system.

These platform-specific packages are directories at the root of this repository:

  • libgit2-x86_64-macosx

  • libgit2-x86_64-linux

  • libgit2-win32-x86_64 (currently fails test)

The root of this repository is not itself a Racket package: it contains support for building the packages listed above.

The libgit2 source is included as a Git submodule at src. The files AUTHORS and COPYING are drawn from upstream libgit2: note that the libgit2 maintainers are not responsible for this repository in any way. (I am, however, grateful for help some of them have given me with the build process.)

Build Instructions

These instructions are tentative and subject to change!

Development should always be done on a branch. Only merge into master when all of the platform-specific packages are in sync.

Be sure to check out the src submodule, either with git clone --recurse-submodules or by running git submodule init && git submodule update after you have cloned the repository.

The src submodule is pinned to a specific commit of libgit2: currently, the v0.28.0 tag. It should be updated to v1.0.0 when it becomes available and the packages should be rebuilt.

Do not modify the Racket packages directly! The packages are generated automatically by the make-libgit2.rkt script in the root of this repository. (It has no dependencies beyond the main Racket distribution.) Edit the script (on a branch) to change the packages. The script must then be run on each of the supported platforms to compile the appropriate binaries. Windows and Linux builds are run by AppVeyor when a commit message begins with BUILD, case-insensitively. After the build completes, download the package directory as a .zip file from the "Artifacts" tab of each job and manually add them to the repository. (There is probably a more elegant way to do this.) You must run the Mac OS job yourself. Make a new commit with all of the updated packages.

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