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drop quotes from string settings

... and provide absolute path in avatar_dir
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rekado committed Oct 20, 2014
1 parent af19fa2 commit 3be3028500e122ac76ba87f1dd17da79e5c57c71
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@@ -6,14 +6,14 @@ domain:
xmpp_server: localhost
# The shared secret between XMPP server and the Libertree backend
shared_secret: 'secret'
shared_secret: secret
# The component port on the XMPP server
port: 5347
# The path to the Unix domain socket used by the XMPP relay
# (will be created if it does not exist)
relay_socket: '/tmp/libertree-relay'
relay_socket: /tmp/libertree-relay
# The administrator's email address to allow other
# Libertree administrators to contact you.
@@ -26,14 +26,14 @@ contact:
private_key_path: /path/to/private.key
# The URL base of the frontend web interface (used for URL substitution)
frontend_url_base: 'http://domain-or-ip-without-trailing-slash'
frontend_url_base: http://domain-or-ip-without-trailing-slash
# The path to the avatars directory of the frontend on disk. This is the
# directory to save the avatars fetched by the http:avatar job.
avatar_dir: '../libertree-frontend-ramaze/public/images/avatars/'
avatar_dir: /opt/libertree/frontend-ramaze/public/images/avatars/
# The frontend location through which stored avatars are accessed via HTTP.
avatar_url: '/images/avatars/'
avatar_url: /images/avatars/
# For more verbose output, set debug to true.
debug: false
@@ -62,4 +62,4 @@ smtp:
helo_domain: localhost.localdomain
starttls_auto: false
ssl: false
from_address: ''

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