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add default config.yaml with keys that need to be customised

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rekado committed Nov 8, 2014
1 parent ae6d5ba commit ece3061f3585e1f39e8ec3b20e9964728fd0f517
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# Add definitions here to override the defaults. Take a look at
# defaults.yaml for a complete set of possible settings keys. The
# settings here need to be customised, all others are optional.
# The fully qualified domain name of this server
# (the Libertree backend component)
domain: libertree.localhost
# The shared secret between XMPP server and the Libertree backend
shared_secret: 'secret'
# The URL base of the frontend web interface (used for URL substitution)
frontend_url_base: ''
# The administrator's email address to allow other
# Libertree administrators to contact you.
# What the system will use for sending email
port: 25
username: exampleusername
password: examplepassword
authentication: plain # plain, login, cram_md5, or comment out for no auth
helo_domain: localhost.localdomain
starttls_auto: false
ssl: false
# openssl_verify_mode: none # Either comment out, or choose: none, peer, client_once, fail_if_no_peer_cert

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