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Liberty Eiffel programming language
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config oops, that file is also modified because of the plugins integration
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AUTHORS Copyright extended to 2015
INSTALL SE and liberty can now coexist
Makefile a few changes in install to support Cygwin (no gccxml there) + GNU st…
PATTERNS.txt A pattern I commonly use: system creation procedure. updated links to new GNU infrastructure
configure a few changes in install to support Cygwin (no gccxml there) + GNU st…

Liberty Eiffel

Liberty is the GNU compiler for the Eiffel programming language, a continuation of the SmartEiffel compiler. We want to retain from SmartEiffel its rigour; but not its rigidity. Think of Liberty as SmartEiffel down from its ivory tower.

It is a complete, small and fast, Eiffel compiler, including an Eiffel to C compiler, documentation tools, a pretty printer, a debugger and various other tools.

It also includes a large library of classes distributed under the terms of the MIT/X Consortium License and a comprehensive set of wrappers/bindings for widespread Free-Software libraries.

Eiffel is an advanced object-oriented programming language that emphasizes the design and construction of high-quality and reusable software.

Liberty is free as in freedom. We want people to contribute to Liberty from the start.

So please, do join us to give Eiffel the leading position it should have won twenty years ago :-)

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