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Upgrade Steps

  • Standard upgrade procedures apply.

Breaking Changes

  • No breaking changes. Client is backwards compatible with previous servers.

New Features

  • Added checks and visual alerts on the login screen if the client has lost server and/or general Internet connectivity
  • Added more thorough debugging / logging statements to almost all methods
  • Add the ability to specify multiple usernames for onlyRunFor and OnlyStopFor. List should be comma delimited e.g. "Name1,Name2,Name3"
  • Add ability to set custom text for Terms of Service on the message and in the "Show Details" section
  • Add ability to show time in system try icon and/or a "splash" in the corner of the screen
  • Update the installer to add the Windows 10 delayed loading registry edit fix:
  • Client now attempts to create printer directories if they do not already exist.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where "lock session" button does not show up on the first run

Full Changelog: libki-client-unstable-v23a86052ae217a5de246d0c1f2aba290e8a2b814...r22.08