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Add bash_completion capability to passhport-admin

We provide a bash_completion file, so that you can use [TAB] to auto-complete the passhport-admin command.

As root, copy the provide file to /etc/bash_completion/passhport-admin directory, and source it :

# cp /home/passhport/passhport/tools/passhport-admin.bash_completion /etc/bash_completion.d/passhport-admin
# . /etc/bash_completion.d/passhport-admin

You can now do things like these :

# passhport-admin [TAB][TAB]
target user targetgroup usergroup
# passhport-admin t[TAB]
# passhport-admin target[TAB]
target targetgroup
# passhport-admin targetg[TAB]
# passhport-admin targetgroup [TAB][TAB]
list search show create edit adduser rmuser
addtarget rmtarget addusergroup rmusergroup
addtargetgroup rmtargetgroup delete

# passhport-admin user show [TAB][TAB]
john rachel alfred bruce kim jared
# passhport-admin user show j[TAB]
john jared
# passhport-admin user show ja[TAB]
# passhport-admin user show jared

The end.

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